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    Well it doesn't really matter - I was just wondering why two LimeSDR minis, with identical hardware and software revisions, have such different output power. I agree with you, maximum output power is not a good idea for operation.

    I have more than enough gain in my setup but a difference of almost 10dBm can decide whether an additional amplifier stage is required.

    Found on eBay: SZM2166

    SZM2166 RF Power Amplifier 2.4GHz 2W 33dBm 8-23V DC Wide Voltage Input for Signal Amplification


    This is a 2W 2.4GHz RF power amplifier, and it can be considered as SZA2044 or RF2126. It comes with DC and supports wide voltage input (8-23V).


    Supply voltage: 8-23V

    Frequency: 2300-2500MHz

    Working frequency: 2450MHz

    Input and output impedance: 50 ohms

    Power: 2W (33dBm)

    Interface: SMA outer screw inner hole

    Antenna type: external

    Size: 5 x 5 x 3cm

    Application: for signal amplification

    Package List:

    1 x RF Power Amplifier

    Google LimeSDR Calibration. You get to…eSDR-USB_and_LimeSuiteGUI

    Here you can calibrate RX and TX, DC offsets etc. See section 11. The values can be saved for power cycling.


    Hi Mike

    Thank you for the explanation.
    I tried this according to section 11:

    Eliminatting unwanted SSB.

    Lime Suite settings

    Output after Calibration

    The documentation says the settings can be saved - but I have no idea how ...

    All in all, the calibration has not brought much. I was only able to optimize the unwanted SSB.

    Output on 2.4 GHz is still low with about -2.4dBm.


    Dear all

    I have 2 LimeSDR mini.
    When measuring the output power at 2.4 GHz, I noticed that despite the identical gain settings, the output power is almost 10dB different.

    Device 1: ~ -3dBm

    Device 2: ~ 7dBm

    Is such a large difference between the individual devices common? Has anyone else seen this before?

    73, Peter