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    Hi all,

    here my new QO-100 portable set-up.

    Great result using 2W transverter on 40cm dish with home made dual feed.

    with too many adapters, but I didn't have the right cable at the moment.

    Fantastic satellite.


    73 Rocco IK8XLD

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    Hi Heiner,

    I follow your advice willingly, hoping that Jean-Pierre F6ZDP will listen to us.

    I also have a TT-1600 that I now use with EBSPRO.

    Having TUTIOUNE able to decode DVBS-2 would be useful for low SR.

    In this regard, up until now I was able to receive only 1MSR transmissions using EBSPRO

    No DATV <1MSR transmission is detected by blind scanners.

    Only 1MSR are detected by the blind scanner.

    Maybe you manually tune the transponder after seeing the parameters on the websdr (333SR 500SR)?

    For completeness, I report the version of the drivers used:

    Driver BDA

    Streamreader.dll original software EBSPRO

    I've already edited the streamreader.ini file to get the 700 MHz IF

    73 Rocco IK8XLD

    Thanks for the reply.

    Now the range is free and can reach up to 10.492

    I also wrote to Jean for TT-1600 and DVB S2, I hope he will satisfy us.

    With EBSPro I can not reach the frequency of 10.492.

    There is a limit to 10.7000.

    I tried to edit the streamreader.ini configuration file without success.

    I see that DG0OPK has been successful in this.

    IK8XLD I guess you were listening with horizontal polarization. In H-mode I have two carriers from ArabSat 30.5E @10706. In V-mode the left one almost disappears here.

    Try 11199.8H 25.5E (Es'Hail-1) to point your dish.

    After correction I determine 11199.796503 MHz (+/- 1 Hz, middle peak) as frequency.

    Hi Remco,

    thanks for suggest, I'll try later.

    I have just poined BADR 4 using this channel.

    Tnx again.