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    Dear AMSATs,

    After my presentation at the AMSAT-DL symposium I got a lot off positive feedback and requests for more information and its availability. For the information part I update the product website, where you can also find the manual that explains the system in more detail and its use.

    Please have a look at:

    More samples will become available soon, still work in progress :)

    Parts availability is nowadays another big challenge.

    Wish you all a lot of fun on the QO-100 transponders,

    73, de PE1RAH

    William Leijenaar

    Hi AMSATs,

    Via this way I like to inform you about my latest QO-100 transverter design called LE016-R5

    It is a true transverter, meaning a receive-downconverter AND transmit-upconverter (inc. 4W PA) in the same box.

    It is housed in a 93mm x 93mm x 25mm milled aluminium box, and is intended to be mount close to the dish feed.

    It is the work of almost one year spending some free time to improve the design to what it is now.

    At the moment I only have a demo model that I tested for several weeks, and I am finally happy about it :)

    I don't have units for sale available, but working on it. I am now working on the manufacturability part of the project.

    On my website I put some pictures and information about the transverter, included a short demonstration video.

    Please have a look at:

    More info to come,

    73 de PE1RAH,

    William Leijenaar

    PS: Does anyone know a place where I can have an aluminium casing milled for a reasonable price ?