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    Thank you! I thought (hoped?) that the XTAL is below the shield I did not remove. Probably because I was convinced, I had the right product (I bought it last October at Reichelt!).
    You are perfectly right. So I have to find a better one! For me, it is strange that they sell two very different products with the same number. And I find it strange that it got the best ratings from two sides ;-) But of course, when I looked closer, I saw when these "trophies" were issued: 2009 and 2011! So completely my fault. I should RTFM next time. And probably avoid Reichelt.

    Hi Mike,

    I have troubles getting a stable Ethernet connection to the Pluto. USB works, but via Ethernet cable (both, attached to my home network as well as directly connected from a separate laptop to the Pluto's OTG adapter) it has interruptions in transmit (on all bandwidths).

    Is there a trick for that? I use an external 25MHz clock. And SDR console. I also increased the clock voltage without any success.

    I also tried several USB chargers for supply.

    73, Andreas