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    Yes, with pleasure.

    FT8 operating guide by ZL2IFB (available via hyperlink from WSJT-X on-line manual) provides a chart with performance comparison, which shows the best achiveable theorical SNR.

    WSPR supposed to overshoot our FT8 -24dB (-21 :) )

    Let us know if you would find some fun in arranging something at the end of the FT8 challenge.

    For some reason, I have no decode at all on QO-100 FT8. I assume this is a frequency drift issue...

    73, Pat

    Hence no way to break the minus 24...

    Thank you for the initiative and for investigating with K1JT.

    Proposed next step once the FT8 QRPp will be completed : Nuke the minus 24 dB with a WSPR challenge ! :)

    73, Pat

    Hi Edson,

    I did achieve -24 finally, and today was the war of milliwatting from R3ICQ / PY4ZBZ abd RA9DA to challenge the 1st position :)

    Indeed, far from being a specialist, I assume that finally the Minimum Discernable Signal from the RX stations stays around -22/21, since this is the easy limit to reach all day long.

    I suppose that either by noise level drop on the transponder, or noise drop on the local RX station area for some reason, sometimes the MDS also improves for a couple of dB ?

    I guess this mioght be very tricky to go further down, right ?

    My rig is MKU2424 + 1m dish + 5.5 turns helix.

    Power out at MKU2424 : more or less 33 dBm (chinese wattmeter toleranced:/) + 33 Db attenuator pile-up = 0 dBm + 3 dB cable loss = -3 dBm at antenna.

    Finally, the RX station makes the whole job, and this were the performance is:)

    73, Pat

    Hello guys, will try my luck as well ! This is where FTx makes sense.

    Trying to slowly decrease pwr level step by step and see how far I can go.

    I'm however not familiar with FT8, and wonder why despite my message is "RB F5MFO JN19", the Reverse Beacon reports "CQ F5MFO JN19" ... Any clue ?

    Have fun.

    73, Pat

    Hello all,

    Thanks for the information.

    Also, let me take the opportunity of this thread to hail involved teams and associated work.

    What a huge opportunity for the community to learn and progress with this project. I already have learnt a lot myself by preparing the set-up, being absolutely unexperienced above 400 MHz.

    All experience sharing on this forum has been very valuable as well.

    For all this, thank you !

    Hope everything will work here as expected, being in a hurry to meet you on QO-100 !

    73, Pat

    Hi guys,

    This signal has appeared early this morning, varying from 25 to almost 50 dB here on my 100 cm offset dish

    Also, heard the tune from the lower end of band, up to the upper NB limit, sweeping every ten KHz., maybe checking for linearity within the band ?

    73, pat

    Hi guys,

    You may want to have a look to attached files, that I did find on the web.

    For this, you better have to learn french before, but this might do the job anyhow if you don't :)

    The "calcul parabole ..." file allows dish performance estimation, as well as helix source turn number.

    The "HELICE" file contains an helix and matching device calculation.

    Enjoy !

    BTW, would be curious to knwo what "those who know" think about this matching style. Personaly, my knowledge is almost zero...

    73, Pat


    Remco and HB9ADJ, thanks for valuable test protocol and snapshots.

    Where my 10706 V is same than yesterday, I don't retrieve today the 11205 H carrier... Will recheck all the stuff when WX allows.


    Your 10706 V snapsho shows 2 traces : is that what we are supposed to see ? I did not see that from other users snapshots ?


    73, Pat

    Hello All,

    Have just joined today after having monitored your discussions for a while.

    I have installed a 1m offset dish yesterday with an OSLO Octagon, and R820T2 USB dongle.

    After some tweaking, can receive the upper Eng beacon at 11.205 with fairly good sigs, as well as lower beacon carrier with a lower level.

    Hope that all this will allow sufficient level once the transponders will be activated...:)

    73, Pat