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    Hi all

    thanks to everyone that has guided me...ok fitted new LNB < octagon green dual> and the drift is now very small

    managed to download some telemetry pictures of oscar 100 status...ok

    listening to ssb conversations mainly in german lol..

    Im having to use sdr sharp though,,,as sdr console works but im getting a strange pulsing shuttering noise which

    seems to distort signals...i cannot decode telemetry with sdr console at all...

    no other sdr prog gives me this problem son today tried it on a different computer with same results...

    has the software got a bug?

    its a shame cos it does lock well to bpsk beacon..

    thanks in advance..




    Hi all

    think we getting there.. managed to hear some usb signals from Oscar 100 using my old new pll lnb has arrived so

    will fit that asap...cos this old one is drifting up and down....also new dongle not arrived yet

    but its a start...

    thanks all



    Hi and once again questions are slowly being answered.. I've now got ordered a RTL-SDR Blog V3 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO HF and a green octagon dual lnb pll design...

    i bought one of the blog v3 dongles as it seems well made with metal case and a built in bias tee so i have been informed...ive got a 80cms dish on icecrypt dm200 motor...which i will fit new lnb when it arrives... as i said earlier the old lnb is years old and prob dru...

    thanks to everyone on here for being so helpful...i hope later i my be able to help others...more questions later...

    thanks paul

    Hi and many thanks agn ive found some info Satellite Name: Es'hail 2

    Status: active

    Position: 25° E (25.5° E)

    the foot print does not seem to cover the UK i think ive been getting 26e which is full have arab chs

    this is where im getting confused...if i cannot receive eg bbc aribic on 11996 25.5 how am i going to receive what is prob even a weaker signal from oscar 100?

    thanks agn

    paul getting there slowly

    Many thanks

    not sure what type lnb it is...all markings worn off..i am confused by what satellite im supposed to be on...

    cos 26e is strong but the one near with BBC Arabic is very weak... i guess oscar is on the weak one with me...

    so prob wasting my time?



    Hi all just in s/w uk and want or trying to understand how to receive and listen to oscar 100 on my own equipment...

    at the moment i have a 80cms dish with old quad lnb< no idea what make> and a cheap sdr dongle....

    what can be done...or do i need alot confused...

    thanks for reading really thick when it comes to this stuff..