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    Thank you Andreas - my name is Ahmed.

    it would be great if someone wrote a full article on setting things up with pluto for newcomers to learn each block one by one.

    what brand and model of band pass filter is required after the pluto sdr?

    also is there any suggestion for bias-t?

    any tested models for buck converters as I am afraid of high noise or is that something not concern?


    I just ordered

    1) Dish Antenna

    2) Adalm Pluto

    3) BullsEye LNB

    4) POTY Antenna

    emailed SG labs to order their V3 of the amplifier.

    Coaxial cable - I already have LMR600 for 2.4 Ghz and the 75 Ohm good quality coax.

    what are the mods in addition to TCXO for ADALM? should I get that or the Leo Bodnar GPS?

    what are the other items - kindly provide details / model number with links to order please?

    Hello All,

    I am planning to install a QO100 setup (to use with computer and not via rig)

    I have been reading a bit and some of the threads are slightly old - so I thought I would request some help here to put together a new list of items that I need to buy.

    1) Adalm Pluto (and do modifications - could someone list the required mods for qo 100 ?)

    2) SG Labs Amplifier

    3) Leo Bodnar GPS (if I am using TCXO mod on adalm pluto, do I need GPS mod? or only either one is required?)

    4) Power supply unit to provide 5V for USB to Pluto, 12V for LNB and 28V for SG Labs amplifier.

    could someone please help with the rest of the stuff like attenuators, pads, BPF, Bias-T etc?

    what else do I need?

    Thanks much

    hello peter, meter functions properly and full scale adjusted - but the actual physical movement of the rotor arm is what I mentioned about going to 190 degrees or so. the picture i posted is about the antenna and not rotorator control box needle

    hello - i have a m2 leo antenna for both 70 and 2M. that is the only thing i have nothing heavy.

    what i am trying to find out is why it hangs on to the other side more when it goes to opposite side.

    0 is actual 0

    90 is close to 90

    180 degree is more like 190....

    hello gentlemen

    i am new to satellite. i got a yaesu 5500 rotator but facing issue.

    when zero its perfectly aligned zero. but when i turn it to 180 degrees, it goes beyond that. more like 190 degree.

    is there any solution for this issue.

    like I said i am new to satellite so more help appreciated as I have several questions. thanks to all