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    Hi Roberto,

    Problem is IC-9700 sending the voice in "stereo" via USB soundcard, Main band on the left channel and the Sub band on the right channel.
    I want Vara to listen on the Sub channel (right channel) but as Jose said Vara listen on the left channel.
    I use the IC-9700 Main band to send up to QO-100 and the SUB band to listens on QO-100.
    But I have fix it with a Windows software, Equalizer APO which done reverse stereo:…stereo-in-windows.226167/
    Thomas SM0YOS


    I have done some more testing with my "brand new" Icom IC-9700.

    I am running Windows10, Winlink and Vara Sat connected to IC-9700 via an USB cable.

    I am sending Up to QO-100 from the Main band via an Upconverter and listen on the Sub band,via a Downconverter, full duplex.

    Problem is that the Sub bands voice coming on the right channel from the IC-9700 sound card. and VARA Sat seems to listen on the left channel.



    Hi All,

    I have done a few Winlink connections to IS0GRB, TX via SDRangel LimeSDR Mini and CN0417 and RX via DownConverter to FT-897D.

    Great system thanks to Roberto and Jose!

    Now I want to have a more mobile/maritim setup with one radio and Up and Down converters. I have looked at ICOM IC-9700 with Two tranceivers and built in soundcards. According to this article (see below) it seems possible to use the internal soundcard to both tranceivers via right and left channel on the soundcard:…sb-audio-output-with.html

    I suppose there has to be some changes in VARASat Soundmodem setup to select Right or Left Channel on Tx on Rx



    Thomas SM0YOS

    Thanks for your info, I understand the fun to listen to my own uplink of course.

    But I have some ideas to set up i Winlink client in my boat, some portable station.

    For that reason i don't want to have so many radios etc.

    Do you have some links to any transverters i can look in to?

    Maybe it can be a problem with one simplex radio to adjust the frequencies on Rx and Tx.

    But I will give it a try if I can find a good transverter

    Thanks for the info/link.

    So the answer to my question is, I have to use two radios or a duo band tranceivers and an Up and a Down converter.

    And there are no transverter to handle both TX and RX to a single band tranceiver




    Hello All,

    I am a beginner and need some help with hardware to send and receive from QO-100 without a PC.

    I have done some test with Windows - SDRAngel - Lime SDR Mini - CN0417 Amp and a WLAN Booster AB003

    On Rx I have a LNB converting to 739 mHz to the Rx side on the Lime SDR Mini

    I use a Helix antenn to transmit.

    It seems to work good and I also sent some mail to Winlink via IS0GRB.

    Now to my question:

    I plan to use a Yaesu FT-857D or a Icom IC-705 for send and receive.

    To my understanding a have to use a transverter to convert 432 mHz to 2400 mHz on Tx

    and 10489 mHz to 432 mHz on the receive side. But I can't found a suitable transverter.

    Most off the example i found use the tranverter as a Upconverter to transmit and some WebSDR to receive.

    I will just use ONE radio both for Tx and Rx

    Have I missed something?


    Thomas / SM0YOS