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    Ok Robert,

    so your result looks different! Not sure, if you adapt the parameters right.

    I have in total ~517kbit/s (see picture below) which is lower as your setup.

    From PlutoFirmware I get a TS rate from 516.759 Kb/s too.

    From the screenshot, I see a difference in the q=xxx settings.
    I´m using ffmpeg-4.4-full_build.
    F1EJP use ffmpeg version 4.3 in his in FreeStreamCoder software.

    I also detected, that the versions of ffmpeg may vary drastically!
    Above example:
    ffmpeg-4.4-full_build → 107MB
    F1EJP ffmpeg v4.3 → 65,4MB

    That´s what I mentioned earlier regarding "version of ffmpeg"...

    It´s all about SOFTWARE, curse and blessing at the same time.

    73 de Rüdiger

    Hello Robert,
    your comment is useless without any further information!
    Very often seen in the chats, that comments made, BUT without information bringing topic forward...
    73, DH1RK

    Furthermore I want to add:

    The call to ffmpeg has a structure:

    ffmpeg [options] [[infile options] -i infile]... {[outfile options] outfile}...

    Parameters above may vary from use case, environment and additional topics like
    - version of ffmpeg
    - kind of video material (fast scene changes)
    - available / used GPU
    - Adalm Pluto network connection (USB, ETH)
    - USB configurations mainly for the reception (MiniTiouner)

    Due to these reasons, I haven´t provided my programm. As you may saw, I used some fix values, which might not be useful for all of us.

    For deeper introduction into all the parameters check the following information:

    Documentation (

    Hello OMs,

    I´m using in my "ProfileSwitcher" program following FFMPEG parameters for

    -> 333KS, FEC 4/5, HEVC encoder

    ffmpeg.exe -re -f dshow -thread_queue_size 4096 -rtbufsize 1000M -i video=OBS-Camera -itsoffset 0.000 -f dshow -thread_queue_size 2048 -rtbufsize 100M -i audio=OBS-Audio -vcodec hevc_nvenc -preset p6 -tune hq -s 1280x720 -bf 0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -b:v 453000 -minrate 453000 -maxrate 453000 -r 25 -g 33 -profile:v main -rc-lookahead 25 -acodec aac -strict experimental -ac 1 -b:a 64k -ar 22050 -f mpegts -muxrate 516600 -streamid 0:256 -streamid 1:257 -max_delay 3000000 -pcr_period 20 -pat_period 0.4 -metadata service_provider=YourCallsign_Name -metadata service_name=DATV -y udp://

    If you have a ffmpeg installed on your machine, you can execute above paragraph in command line directly.

    from the program call itself, multiple parameters (in blue) will/need to be adapted for different settings!
    "-re -f dshow -thread_queue_size 4096 -rtbufsize 1000M -i video=OBS-Camera -itsoffset " + Conv_V_sync + " -f dshow -thread_queue_size 2048 -rtbufsize 100M -i audio=OBS-Audio -vcodec hevc_nvenc -preset p6 -tune hq -s " + CB_VideoSize.SelectedItem + " -bf 0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -b:v " + ForcedSymbolRate + " -minrate " + ForcedSymbolRate + " -maxrate " + ForcedSymbolRate + " -r " + FPS + " -g " + GOP + " -profile:v main -rc-lookahead " + FPS + " -acodec aac -strict experimental -ac 1 -b:a " + AudioBitRate + "k -ar " + AudioSampleRate + " -f mpegts -muxrate " + MuxRate + " -streamid 0:256 -streamid 1:257 -max_delay 3000000 -pcr_period " + PCR_period + " -pat_period " + Conv_Pat_period + " -metadata service_provider=YourCallsign_Name -metadata service_name=DATV -y udp://" + Pluto_IP + ":8282?pkt_size=1316";

    Attached a view of my GUI program:


    does anyone knows, how to run/start multiple instances (e.g. two times) of MiniTioune software with one MiniTiounerPro V2 hardware??

    Would like to pass TS1 to instance #1 and TS2 to instance #2.

    Hope to be able with this workaround the control / receive two different station / frequencies.

    Thank you in advance for feedback.

    Best regards, vy 73,

    Ruediger, DH1RK

    just want to give feedback to my own problem...

    I´m using a Leobodnar GPSDO device for 40MHz LO.
    I have removed the resistor R9 to open the circuit (disable) the OCXO (DOCAT020V-40MHz device).

    Leobodnar is driving the voltage divider at R22 without additional attenuator, but with 40MHz LPF.
    So, 40MHz is supplied at 40MHzREF @XA pin of U9.

    In the past, I could not drive the 1PPS signal with any better effect regarding frequency stability.
    Therefore CLKIN+ is open and not used.

    IC U9 creates the 24MHz for external LO for LNB via INA_N/P.
    IC U9 creates a 40MHz REF signal for DownConverter and as external reference via J12 also the UpConverter.

    The UpConverter needs much much lower input as delivered by J12!
    Really wondering, that this level adaption is not prepared by AMSAT.
    I used a voltage devider with 220R in series to a parallel 47R at the REFIN connector on the UpConverter.
    I measured 400mVpp reference level like driven by UpConverter 40MHz TCXO.
    Jumper bridge F2 is soldered for external reference selection.

    In general from 40MHz GPSDO you can also fetch a 10MHz Reference via the 10MHZ Ref Port of DownConverter.

    The 40MHz REF signal is divided by U7 by 4 and deliver then a 10MHz Signal.
    Via a distribution amplifier system this signal can be used for other equipment.

    This is pending activity for my station setup.


    40MHz external GPSDO can easily be used instead of TCXO or OXCO.
    With the external GPSDO also 24MHz is disciplined and also 10MHz Ref Port.

    Best regards,

    Ruediger, DH1RK


    I want to use my AMSAT Transverter with external 10MHz GPSDO...

    In the current setup a 40MHz OCXO is used and a GPS module V1.

    I understand, that the GPS module is for additional strings output on the OLED display only.

    From schematic I understand, that the 40MHz from OCXO is used to for 10MHz Reference output port and as reference signal for the Upconverter (configurable).

    How can I change the setup to be controlled from an external 10MHz GPSDO signal??

    Somewhere it´s decribed, that Pin5 of J2 (GPS module connector) shall be used. This is 1PPS signal.

    But I do not understand why I should short pin3+4 of J2, resulting in hanging startup screen of OLED.

    Which device (IC) is responsible for disciplining the 40MHz to GPSDO signal??

    How can the selection be configured correctly??

    Maybe a ext. 40MHz GPSDO an option (like Leobodnar device)??
    Actually, sine wave signals used, what´s needed to convert the levels (3,3V to 1V)??

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    Ruediger, DH1RK