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    Hi Achim,

    yes, you are right.

    Delete the last "0"

    I will redo my measurements with my 3 Rubidium-OXCO.

    But which is the most accurate one ;)



    Hello Achim,

    thanks for the explanation the shift.

    But may be I´m wrong with my measured 70 Hz up-shift?

    In other words: shifting down beacon frequency by 90 Hz should minimize the absolute error.

    Or my RX-chain (GPDSO-LNB + separate GPSDO- locked RX (2x) is wrong.

    An signal-injection (GPSDO) on 10.489.550 000 Hz gives in RX the exact 10489.550 000 Hz.

    Maybe the main error is between my ears.



    I agree,

    too short for measurements.

    What about an 1 min constant carrier on exactly 10489.55 MHz between the cycles?

    I receive the beacon on 10489.550,070 Hz and on 10489.550,120 Hz in the morning.

    (with GPSDO-RX)

    Can this be confirmed?

    73s Karsten


    Yes, you are right.

    I‘s a small weak signal. We can see it positive. We can use it to optimise our equipment, we can learn CW with it, I can learn spanish too, I can translate the text in german with help of Google or so and write it in a love letter to my beloved wife.

    But the problem remains. Where is our red line? 10 CW-lyrical-beacons? Maybe as a school-project in different laguages of the world? The same lyric text as an PSK or RTTY-signal? Or the same text as a read out SSB-Signal? Or FM? The same text as a lycrical beacon- ATV-signal?

    No, it is an illegal man made transmission. So we have to solve this problem.

    My 2 cents.

    My old chief doctor always said „Erkenne im Anfang das Ende“...

    We don‘t want to blame anybody but we have to close out possibilities.

    Yes, this satellite is an excellent opportunity to talk over a big distances without the need of infrastructure. The worst case is the need for switching it off, because of taking over it by pirates.

    On 10489.668 MHz there is a weak signal readable without callsign. Some jumps in QRG.

    It seems to be a lyric text in spanish.

    Unfortuneatly I do not speak spanish.

    Can anybody translate it in German? Maybe the Google translation is not 100%.


    "yo estoy en un banco en un jardin.

    llegas tu y te sientas a mi lado.

    me miras y me sonries.

    pienso en ti rocio."


    Can anybody identify the source of this transmission?

    No callsign,

    vy 73, Karsten

    Congratulation and many many thanks to all the people helping to make this dream come true!

    QO-100 sounds excellent!

    Looking forward to meet you on the satellite.

    vy 73 es gl,

    Karsten, DL1QC

    Schaut mal hier:

    Dürfte mit dem alten LNB 27 MHz genauso funktionieren. Teilerfaktor 361.11111111

    Quarz vorsichtig auslöten, nicht ziehen, darunter läuft auf der ohnehin schlecht leitenden Keramik-Platine unter dem Quarz noch ein ganz zarter Leiterzug. Der reißt sofort ab.

    Zwei Lötkolben verwenden bis der Quarz von selbst abfällt. Oder ordentlich Heißluft, nur befürchte ich, dass ihr damit benachbarte Bauteile mit wegpustet.

    Dann den 2. IF-Leiterzug getrennt und über 1nF die 25.723384 MHz an den 2. LNB-Anschluss zuspeisen. Bitte schreibt mal ob es so geklappt hat.

    vy 73, Karsten


    Eigentlich brauchst Du doch nur bis 23.8179487 MHz runter. Der Teiler-Faktor des neuen Octagon OTSLO (original 25 MHz Quarz) ist 390.

    Kann ich erst morgen nachmittag probieren. Bin noch im QRL.

    Bei 24 MHz ( x 390 = LO-LNB 9360 MHz) kann ich den LO-Input @ 24 MHz bis -36 dBm reduzieren, bevor die PLL "ausrastet"... Regulär soll ja ca. 0 dBm zugeführt werden.

    Bei 23.8179487 MHZ x 390 landest Du bei 9.28900 MHz LO-QRG.

    10.489.55 - 9.28900 = 1200.55 MHz ZF für die untere Bake (10489.55 MHz), sogar bequem zum Ablesen.

    vy 73, Karsten