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    Hallo Robert,
    danke für den Hinweis. Das werde ich mal versuchen! Viel Erfolg noch.



    Is there no one logging KG-STV-QSOs out there using a computer log? I can't belive that. :(


    just a Newbie-question on KG-STV: How do I have to log a KG-STV-QSO according the used mode, to get it to a valid LotW record!? Do I have to mark it "MSK" (which by the way may logbook-software does not offer)? Or is there an other mode to be used instead? Thanks for your help.



    I have tried to setup VARA SAT modem and Winlink Express according to the different hints in this thread. Seems to be ok, but does not connect to IS0GRB anyhow.
    Is there any complete setup-description out there to be used with VARA SAT modem, WinlinkExpress and IC-9700? Would help me to check it again. Thanks a lot!

    Bert, DF2PI