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    Has someone soldered the pcb of the amp? I used a iron from the back to heat up the pcb to about 150C and then hot air from the top. Works great for the R and C but not for the 16pin amp! Tried two times but there where short circuits :(

    73, Mike

    Hello Achim,

    do you have new conclusions about that device?

    73, Mike

    I just listened to a 30db over noice signal produced by a 2m dish with 3W.

    The operator mentioned it as "usual equipment".


    Can someone please tell him how terrible this behaviour is?

    Not stronger than the beacon, like the last decades on AO10, 13 and 40. Nothing has changed, but some guys will not understand such a easy rule. And sorry to say but most of them are germans.

    I´m sorry for that!



    Hi Allesio,

    I found a 29db "rf Florida" chip attenuator in the surplus.

    So I can drive the BU-500 with my TS-2000 using max. 20W. It will give about 0,3W out for the SG-Lab Amp -> ca. 15W max. out

    So I can regulate between 3-15W on 2,4GHz (5 to 20W from the TS-2000).

    If 3W is still to much, I can use the 0,3W from the BU-500 :-)