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    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the update.

    It wasn’t my intention to question or criticize the service that Dom is providing to the ham community.

    I was just puzzled by the lack of replies to my emails, that’s it.

    Thanks again to everyone involved.

    Hello folks,

    I'm wondering if any of you has been in contact recently with Dom DL5EBE.

    I've mailed him a QSL card for the QSO I had with DP0GVN, followed by some confirmation emails, but I haven't heard from him since then.

    Does anyone have any news?



    I hope this is the right section to post it...... :)


    Hello everyone,

    my brand new Minitiouner S does not work on a win 10 pc.

    Even if the VLC is installed in the proper folder (as specified by the error message window that appears when i run Minitiouner), it seems that is not found and the software does start in a crashed mode, with several error windows.....

    I'm attaching the screenshots in the same order as they appear when I launch the software (from top to bottom, left to right).

    Forgive the mess with the images in the post,that's the best I could do.

    Any suggestions?



    even if this was not my original intention (to be able to receive NB and WB at the same time), your suggestion was very valid.

    I've ordered a Diavolo twin LNB, I really like the fact that I can have 2 independent coax lines and run 2 receivers at the same time.

    Frequency locking on the NB should not be an issue, since I'm using SDR Console.

    On the WB, I'm not sure if the lack of an external reference to the LNB could be an issue, since I have zero experience on it, any suggestions?

    The way I see it, since the band used on DATV is much wider, small frequency variations should go un-noticed, am I right?

    I hope so :)



    thanks again.

    One last question:

    I see that the 2 ports on the splitter work on different frequencies, and the band edges are just close to the 700 MHz (more or less) of the signal to be decoded that is coming from the LNB, therefore I guess there should be a considerable attenuation right at the frequency we'll need.

    I'm sure that I'm not re-inventing the wheel here, but still wondering if this may cause some issues.


    thanks for the reply.

    I've just realized that the minitiouner has a built in bias tee, therefore the details you've mentioned is a key factor in choosing the right model.

    Do you happen to know any model that I could go for?

    I guess the picture you've attached is one of them, will look for it on amazon......


    Hi everyone,

    At the moment i have a fully operational station on the NB transponder.

    I'm using separate dishes for Uplink and Downlink.

    The Bullseye is installed on a 80 cm dish.

    I've ordered the minitiouner (fingers crossed) and I was wondering if I could use the same LNB already installed, maybe with a splitter, to feed both the the RTL-SDR (for the NB) and the minitiouner (for the WB).

    I can easily setup a dual voltage circuit (12 or 18V) to switch polarization on the LNB, so that is not an issue.

    My question is if the splitter is a viable solution, and if the answer is yes, what would be a brand\model you guys would recommend, that has a proven record of minimum insertion losses?