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    I brought a prime focus dish (120cm diameter; photo attached) and a KU band LNB with four ports [Solid Dilos Ku-Band Universal Quad LNBF]. (Photo of LNB is attached). My grid location is NL06lt (India). Please guide me on following points:

    1) How to focus or position the dish antenna?

    2) How to adjust the skew of LNB?

    3) Any instrument or method to measure proper azimuth, elevation and skew angle?

    4) Any TV channel at my region can be taken as reference?

    5) Which port of this LNB can be used for WB and NB?

    6) How to know the IF frequency of my LNB? Which can be fed into SDR console for initial setup

    Please help me on these. I think many newbie will get help from this doubts. 73