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    No sign from desensing here while uplinking at 44 dBm feed power.

    RX Kuhne LNB

    TX home design 4 2-element yagi in LHCP hardware configuration with semirigid splitter.

    Maybe a hint how to integrate a Kuhne DB6NT with an uplink antenna: 4 two element yagi's making LHCP in order to achieve RHCP via the dish reflector. Will probably work fine in California weather. Prototype is functional but needs weather improvement...

    Hi Remco,

    dealing with Mr. Bessel I guess... At certain data deviation levels the central carrier disappears, what happens here.

    I was puzzled by SP9VFD who is apparently watching the 11205V beacon with his Kuhne LNB. No idea how he does this, as mine drops off rapidly above 10,7 GHz.

    In this context, I ordered a few of these other German PLL LNb's as well as the Dutch LNB advertised on the Ijsselstein ATV website to compare how they are performing looking at this bird.

    For the uplink story, I will be using 4 moxon's mounted around the Kuhne LNB, thus keeping the phase center in the middle. CP is made by moving two of them 1/4 wavelength forward, matching with two paralleled 50 ohms semirigids.

    Pedro ON7WP

    PS for those impatient keep you busy: tremendous tropo over France...

    Thanks all, finally found the bird after re-assuring my LNB LO was on 9360 using my 10 GHz transverter :-)

    But still curious what beacon I spotted on 10701.000 As the signal varied it must be something inclined I guess, but not on my list.

    Pedro ON7WP

    Dear Folks,

    I am kind of confused. Trying to find tbe engineering beacon without succes on my 1,8 meter dish with Kuhne downconverter. I can get Arabsat Horizontal flawlessly....

    Now I see this huge beacon carrier on 1341,000 IF that would mean:

    a) the LO of my Kuhne is not 9360 but 9365 MHz ?

    b) I discovered another strong beacon on 10701.000 that is no on my list of all sats in the 20-30 degrees east reagion.

    Any help out here ? Wanted to use Al Jazeerah on Eshail-1 as reference but the beam does not cover Europe. Hard time aligning the dish... Astra 3 and Astra 2 booming signals and then in the middle :-)

    Pedro ON7WP