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    @VE4SW Hi Stefan thanks for your inputs, actually FreeDV I always enjoined it testing and participating on HF/VHF etc but seems on QO-100 there are few stations already too advanced for us which are trying to learn something, so I will keep out of this mode, at least on QO-100 :) Regarding the Full Duplex operations using more than one frequency, OK it may be an advance to the hobby, but I confess i this is not a mode that raises any interest to me.

    73 de Ed PY2RN

    DJ4ZZ some people seems to be confused regarding this experiment that took place last night, I just posted in Facebook a question and I do not know why one of the participants has posted another different thread few minutes after totally ignoring my question, not sure why, then when someone answered to my question I put my opinion there, then I started to receive lots of inquires why I was thinking that etc, but in the first moment I just asked what was that what seemed a wide digital signal, that's all, I do not judge here if this was valid o not valid experiment. So good to know that it is permitted full duplex operation using different frequencies in the QO-100 transponder.

    I still think it will be a little confusing for all the stations to find out who is speaking with whom because we may use any type of off-set I believe and don't need to be so close like you guys were yesterday so in my opinion this breaches a little the amateur radio ethics, but many disagree with this as well, but it is OK we do not need to agree in everything :)

    Yesterday I was observing a signal sounding a type of digital mode with approximately 3.5KHz wide staying there for hours, I made a record and posted in a QO-100 Facebook group asking what it should be? The answer: these were two Free DV signals next to each other and the OMs were testing full-duplex mode using FreeDV.

    I just put an advice that the NB tp should not be used for Full Duplex comms (IMHO) for both analog or digital modes, then few people seems to get really annoyed with that advice and most of them declaring their support to type of full-duplex operations, and this is great mode and the future of ham radio etc. So I may be really outdated here but I though that ham radio SAT operations by nature is full-duplex, where you tx in one freq and rx in another, but using just one freq, now it seems the new and modern way to go is to utilize several frequencies at same time for the same QSO, if this is the case please let me know the procedure, like what would be the off-set from one signal to the other, etc. May be the band plan allocation for the NB should be redesigned?


    Ed - PY2RN

    Entity Prefix Status
    Mauritius Island 3B8 W
    Georgia 4L W
    Montenegro 4O W
    ITU HQ 4U1I W
    Israel 4X C
    Cyprus 5B C
    Madagascar 5R W
    Croatia 9A C
    Malta 9H C
    West Malaysia 9M2 W
    East Malaysia 9M6 W
    United Arab Emirates A6 W
    Qatar A7 W
    Bahrain A9 W
    China BY C
    Andorra C3 W
    The Gambia C5 W
    Portugal CT W
    Madeira Islands CT3 W
    Azores CU C
    Cape Verde D4 W
    Federal Republic of Germany DL C
    Bosnia-Herzegovina E7 C
    Spain EA C
    Balearic Islands EA6 C
    Canary Islands EA8 C
    Ireland EI C
    Liberia EL W
    Estonia ES W
    Belarus EW W
    France F C
    Reunion Island FR W
    England G C
    Isle Of Man GD W
    Northern Ireland GI C
    Scotland GM W
    Guernsey GU C
    Wales GW C
    Hungary HA W
    Switzerland HB C
    Thailand HS W
    Saudi Arabia HZ C
    Italy I C
    Sardinia IS0 W
    Djibouti J2 W
    Puerto Rico KP4 W
    Norway LA C
    Argentina LU W
    Luxembourg LX W
    Lithuania LY C
    Bulgaria LZ C
    Austria OE C
    Finland OH C
    Czech Republic OL C
    Slovakia OM W
    Belgium ON C
    Denmark OZ W
    Netherlands PA C
    Brazil PY C
    Western Sahara S0 W
    Slovenia S5 C
    Sweden SM W
    Poland SP C
    Sudan ST W
    Egypt SU C
    Greece SV C
    Crete SV9 W
    Turkey TA C
    Iceland TF C
    Corsica TK W
    Gabon TR C
    European Russia UA C
    Asiatic Russia UA0 C
    India VU C
    Iraq YI C
    Latvia YL W
    Romania YO C
    Serbia YU W
    Albania ZA W
    Republic of South Africa ZS C

    W = Worked

    C = LoTW Confirmed

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    Hi Heiner, yes, trying with Marcel's (markro92) software for some time but no decodes so far. Thanks.

    Ed PY2RN _ .._

    Hi all, I went from page 1 through 4 available for this topic, apologies if I missed but could not find and/or understand if Pluto will be usable to RECEIVE DVB-S2 from the WB TP? If yes, what would be the software that could be used preferably on Windows?


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    Bandwidth 2400000

    Sym_rate 2000

    carrier recovery enabled

    Fec 2/3


    Thank you, I have changed the settings as you indicated but still no luck, I believe the signals on the WB transponder are too weak for this part of the world, DATV will be very difficult to rx/tx from here, although the signals on the NB are very strong.


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    Hi, I am trying to RX the beacon here, I see the IQ Plot constellation flashes sometimes but it does not appear steady :( not sure if I am setting everything correctly? May be the signal getting here too weak?

    Thank you, 73

    Ed PY2RN -.-