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    Please, could you help me to understand why are there negative input dBm values?

    Adalm plut outputs as I recall positive 5dBm. How can I match it with this -5 to -20 dBm range?

    -5 starting point means 5dB insertion loss?

    May interpret the table as it has been offsetted so -20 means 0 and -5 means +15 dBm?

    How many dBms can I get out If I put Adalms 5 dBm in? or do I need at least 10 dBm attenuator to limit input to -5?

    All PA specs I saw refers positive input numbers, that's why I'm lost :)


    What preamp do you use to drive this BG0AUB PA? How much gain needed? 4-5W Output should be enough for me with that 110cm dish I guess, so maybe I can run it with reduced input voltage and low drive or?
    But, being as a newbie I'm simple unable to understand the spec table you shared the input power column with those negaitve dbm values :(

    Thanks for providing alternatives. But back to the original question: Would this Argtek work ?

    is it only a PA or something more?

    "Bi-directional, half-duplex, Auto-Switching via carrier sensing"


    Here someone states this: " I was able to successfully swap to a 26 MHz 0.5ppm TCXO (leftover from a previous project) without any issue"…-clock-to-the-adalm-pluto

    "fw_setenv ad936x_custom_refclk "<26000000>""

    He's also working with 25Mhz here:

    Neither is a divider of 80 Mhz I believe

    AD spec says this:

    80 cannot be divided by 19 or 50

    So I'm still feel that any value could work. Maybe I'm wrong but how can we make sure?

    40MHz seems to be out of stock but 25Mhz, and some other variants are available. As I read the Pluto docs, internal clk sours can be any value between 19 and 50Mhz should work as long as adjust the actual freq in the boot config.

    Let me share that I found this alternative in a blog, but also out of stock: MURATA XNCLH40M000THJA1P0

    Any other alternative do you aware of? I'd like to avoid buying a GPSDO...