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    Good morning, as you may have seen, a few weeks ago i inserted the automatic decoding of the FT8 and FT4 signals at 10489540 on the websdr.

    Unfortunately, when traffic is high, confusion is generated, the 2 modes, although similar, are incompatible and many signals are FT8 and FT4 they overlap.

    I think it could be a good solution to use FT4 at 10489544, what do you think?

    If we give ourselves an order we could work better without interference..

    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Wilhelm i added the section "Last images decoded on 10489615 (HS-MODEM 4410 QPSK BW:2500Hz - QO-100 Standard)" in my WebSDR, so you can try to test image transmission with the great HS-MODEM.
    I hope to contribute to improve the activity of image transmission with HS-modem
    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi F5VMJ, if the recipient's email address is not a email address and you've never written an email to this address, the system will probably reject it.
    May i suggest you put in the subject //w2lk(space) before the subject.
    This will force the system and it should in all cases be sent by your client making it clear to the server that it is not spam.
    My server has no implication in this, it is decided by winlink centralized server.
    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Tom, i'm very glad you were able to connect with a negative SNR.
    VARA is very performing and your setup proves it.
    Many congratulations, keep me updated on other tests
    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Tomas, thank you for the report.

    It's the same problem we had at the beginning, we had hired the American Ardop developers of winlink but they weren't available to create a version dedicated to the satellite with different timers as they couldn't carry out tests since they didn't have access to it.

    For this reason, the colleague who develops VARA has created a dedicated version that works.

    I also reserve the right to do some tests locally to see if the problem can be solved...


    Roberto IS0GRB

    In ardop virtual tnc set the tuning range to max (200) probably the frequency is not exactly and reduce the buffer in sdrconsole so you can see the audio delay at the bottom.
    Also reduce the virtual audio delay, in the program folder you will have a tool that allows you to reduce the buffer (delay). Probably with vara you will have a higher speed.

    The latest versions of OBS integrate different implementations and it is useful to update it with libx265.

    To update OBS 28.0 and later use this ffmpeg package V.5.1.2.

    Overwrite the .dll files contained in the bin directory of the package in the 64bit directory of OBS.

    Below is the link to the ffmpeg 5.1.2 latest release package:…eg-release-full-shared.7z

    You can also find it also on my google drive:…dRI6S8BU/view?usp=sharing

    OBS encoding sources natively in H265 without graphics card with libx265 guarantees much higher quality.

    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello F4IYV, please login in the Pluto and do this command to format the jffs2 partition:

    # device_format_jffs2

    Reboot Pluto and try again to upload my patch and save parameters.

    If not work please use the recovery procedure first using the 0.32 Adalm Pluto firmware.

    If you have others problems write me again.

    Best 73

    Roberto is0grb

    Info for H265 patch (libx265) on OBS without dedicated card:

    Since version 28.0, the integrity check of files, including DLLs, has been added to OBS

    Those who install OBS v.28 and later will no longer be able to patch H265 and therefore will no longer have libx265 available in the drop-down menu upon registration.

    Those who intend to use H265 with libx265 will have to install the latest version 27, 27.2.4, which can be downloaded at the following address:



    I suggest disabling the OBS update check in SETTINGS> GENERAL; remove the flag from "Automatically check for updates at startup" and confirm with OK


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Rolf sorry I'm late.
    You should verify that all fields of the web page form are validated.
    If you have never installed the my patch for DATV it is likely that some fields have no value as they are taken from the configuration saved in the Pluto.
    Essentially check the Audio settings part, set to Default and Encoding, set to Internal.
    To be sure, check that the symbol rate is set correctly. if you still have problems send me an email
    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi all, i have updated the document on how to transmit in H265 without a dedicated card that you can find at the top of the Pluto page in documents of my patch.

    There are all the explanations on how to make CBR bit rate control work perfectly with both libx265 and hevc_qsv.
    The update is for both Italian and English document.…OM3BZM8r/view?usp=sharing (italian)…kxqxg7j3/view?usp=sharing (english)

    The quality of libx265 is really excellent and from tests carried out the encoding with a dedicated nvidia card found it difficult to match the results. The encoding performed on obs is native

    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Roberto, thanks for your interest.
    The patch can be used with any version of Evariste firmware; i did several tests and the colleagues who followed the tests with me did not report any anomalies with specific firmware versions.
    Personally i always use the 2908 for power reasons, which in my setup is necessary, otherwise i would have to modify the PA chain, but for the SR 35, 25 and 20k, the 0201 and later, as you well know, is definitely, better for the quality of the signal transmitted at 16APSK and 32APSK, on the other hand the power delivered is slightly lower and requires greater amplification.


    Hi, i confirm that if you have already installed the Evariste firmware you can upload the patch via the Maintenance > firmware section. Select the file you previously saved. Make sure the file is not renamed by windows