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    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.71 available

    1- Inserted the colors for the memories.

    For a better organization and identification it is now possible to associate a color to the memories during the store that can be modified later clicking on modify mem color.

    2- Added update memory button.

    Now you can update memories parameters clicking on update mem.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.7 available

    1- Added memories for the modulator.

    Now it is possible to configure the memories for the modulator.

    The possible operations are: Save, Delete, Modify label, Delete all memories, Backup and Restore of the memories

    Clicking on the delete and modify buttons, suggestions for how to operate will appear.

    Also included the double confirmation when you decide to delete all the memories, even if the restore will be quick and easy with the backup file previously saved.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Thomas, you will excuse me, unfortunately i had a problem in the family and i have been a bit busy.

    Regarding the audio problem, i am no expert on IC-9700, but i own IC-7300 and i believe i install a virtual sound card, where you can adjust audio channel levels separately.

    I didn't quite understand what your need was, but normally the signal goes into mono taking both audio channels.

    Thanks for the message


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV patch v.1.63 available:

    1- Inserted PTT delay when switched to Standby.

    During the qso, during the net or in local DATV it is always necessary to listen to the last piece of the transmission to avoid detaching the ptt of the Pluto before all the data have been sent and therefore make sure that the correspondent has heard all the words.

    Now it is possible to take advantage of a delay in PTT Off (active by default and can be deactivated) which allows you not to worry about playback and to be sure that the PTT is disconnected only after the necessary seconds to empty the buffer.

    By default, a 8 seconds delay is selected, suitable for SR333, but can be reduced for high SRs and can be increased for low SRs where the buffer emptying time is greater.

    Activating the PTT delay and after pressing SWITCH OFF when the PTT is ONAIR you will see a countdown progress bar that indicates the seconds remaining in Standby…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Michel, thank you for the suggestion.

    You can download my patch v.1.62 you will find the change.

    Also include v.1.61:

    1- Added FFMPEG image fine adjustment

    Added the drop-down menu for the custom setting of the precision adjustment on FFMPEG.

    Possible choices: film | animation | grain | stillimage | psnr | ssim | fastdecode | zerolatency.

    Request from Raffaele IW1QEF & Francesco IT9HZM…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.6 available:

    1- Added disable option for audio bit rate.

    It is now possible to disable audio in the transport stream by selecting "disable" in the audio bit rate drop-down menu.

    2- PTT ON / OFF at startup.

    Now you can decide whether to set the PTT ON / OFF at startup.

    For those who use OBS it can be convenient that the PTT at start-up is OFF, while for those who use the repeater or beacon mode it is necessary that at start-up it is ON for obvious reasons.

    3- Checking the beacon.ts file name in the Live & Static beacon configuration.

    During the upload the file will be checked and if the name does not match exactly and all lowercase will not be uploaded.

    This verification is necessary to eliminate the problems encountered by some.

    4- Delete all video files button in Static Beacon section

    This button now deletes all video files in the partition that have been uploaded by mistake earlier.

    5- Delete all patch button.

    The delete all patch button, in the Firmware section, now deletes all the files present in the partition that have been loaded by mistake earlier with the .zip extension and/or with a name different from

    6- Fixed a small bug in storing the flag of the 4 DATV modes.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Markro92, meanwhile, congratulations on your software.
    I would like to ask you if there is a way to drive the frequency of the dvb-s gui from the outside.
    I ask you this because the use of the USB stick is often convenient in conjunction with the minitiuone during DATV operations.
    My idea is to be able to drive the dvb-s gui frequency and symbol rate with a click on the signals of the spectrum of the Pluto controller also / or separately in order to have 2 receivers at will.
    In case you could make a system like the minitioune that accepts UDP or TCP packets, or how it gets good based on your characteristics. This also solves tuning problems, which are often not simple and would speed up the decoding
    If you need clarification do not hesitate to write to me.

    Thank you


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.5 available

    1- Improved operability.

    Inserted under the spectrum the "save to flash and "apply settings" buttons to be ready to update the modulator after tuning a signal.

    2- Memory for RX / TX flag in spectrum settings

    Insert the memory for the status of the rx and tx flags in the spectrum settings.Now updating the page maintains the previously selected state.

    3- Added the config section for the ethernet interface

    Now it is possible to easily configure the ethernet interface with IP address and Default gateway.

    4- Compact all sections.

    The controller page is more intuitive and compact.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Jabi some colleagues have had problems inserting the firmware 0201, some have found your problem, to others it is blocked and to me it no longer transmitted.

    We all solved it by doing the recovery procedure of the pluto by rewriting uboot.dfu and pluto.dfu (fw 0.32 adalm pluto) and then putting back the Evariste firmware and my patch.
    I think i have read some messages where it was suggested not to use the fw 0201 for problems it can create.


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Jabi i don't know what to recommend but it's not a problem derived from the patch, me and other colleagues have tried the patch for some time without problems of this kind.


    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.4 available

    1- Added minitioune tuning

    The minitioune tuning routine has been completely redone and uses the internal linux tool to send udp packets.

    The default gateway problem has been solved. The Pluto integrates the static route for the default gateway USB with a metric highest than the default ethernet gateway possibly set, so there will be no more conflict.

    If the Pluto is connected via USB and it restarts it is necessary to close and reopen the Minitioune software as windows switches the multicast to the Ethernet or Wi-Fi network and for this reason it is necessary to close and reopen the Minitioune to reset the multicast connection correct.

    By clicking on the signals of the spectrum it is now possible to directly detect the real frequency of the transmitter and the symbol rate.

    Two choices have been added at the top in the spectrum settings: RX and TX. Either or both can be set to tune RX only or TX only or both to preference with just one click.

    In the previous 1.33:
    1- Clicking on the signals of the spectrum now sets the Frequency and also Symbol Rate detected directly from the signal in transit.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing

    Good morning, recently the winlink authors have made important updates on the server version making the VARA SAT 3 modem software unusable.

    Jose EA5HVK has released a new version VARA SAT 4.0.0 which regains compatibility with the new versions of the winlink server.

    This version is not backwards compatible with version 3 so you need to install the new version of the VARA SAT in order to make your email connection work properly.

    I am sorry for this mistake but i could not do anything to avoid it.

    If you encounter any problems i ask you to report directly to the author who is waiting to verify from your tests if everything works correctly

    You can download the new VARA SAT version at this address:

    In attach the new speed level table for VARA SAT v4.0

    Thank you


    Roberto IS0GRB