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    Pluto DATV IS0GRB Patch v.1.9 available

    1- Added compatibility for using SDRConsole with all F5OEO firmware.

    With the latest basic versions of the F5OEO firmware, the SDRConsole functionality is enabled or disabled by a specific setting in the SETUP page.

    You are therefore obliged to open the Pluto page and set this mode in order to use the program.

    Being bound by this selection, the SDRConsole program does not transmit because PTT is not enabled by default.

    As has been verified on SDRConsole, when the TX key is pressed it does not actually send a PTT command but only the setting of the power level selected with the slider in the TX part, as it is based on the official firmware version of the Analog device where the PTT is always enabled.

    As soon as the "pluto.php" web page is opened, PTT is immediately disabled.

    From then on you can select your PTT ON / OFF preference after applying the settings by pressing the "Apply Settings" button.

    If you decide to use SDRConsole again, you can do it in several ways:

    A. Manually enable PTT from the Pluto web page if it is still open on the browser

    B. Reboot the Pluto

    C. Disconnect / reconnect the Pluto from the USB socket if connected in this mode

    2- Fixed a bug on the memorization of the flags on the 4 types of modulators Normal OBS, Repeater, Live Beacon, Static Beacon

    When creating the memories, the 4 flags were not stored and then clicking on Apply Settings, sometimes, in the repeater or beacon mode the Pluto did not transmit, because an addressing path not compatible with the chosen DATV mode.

    3- Added the SR20 in the modulator drop-down menu.

    4- The PCR and PAT sliders now start from 40ms, to set the correct PCR value as required by the DVB protocol specification (100ms).

    Suggested values for perfect synchronization even in Graph mode of the minitioune PCR 100ms and PAT 100ms.

    If the minitioune has problems with synchronization in Graph mode, press RESET on the side to synchronize the transmission correctly.

    It is important to correctly set the keyframe value in OBS. Set the value 2sec if you use Steaming or the value (fps x 2) if you use Recording.

    5- Added audio bit rate values from 32k up to 48k to the Audio Settings drop-down menu.

    6- Added the possibility to set the buffer latency in the encoding, from 100ms to 1000ms (Default 400ms).

    This parameter has been added on memories.

    7- DVB Provider removed from memories.

    The string saved with "Save to Flash" is used.

    8- Added link at the top of the help page for setting the metric on the pluto network in case of problems during tuning by clicking on the spectrum signals.


    Pluto Rev-B:…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing

    Pluto Rev-C:…PGifHaEE/view?usp=sharing

    After about 1 week of observation and the new 4.2 version of the Vara Sat modem it seems that everything is working correctly.

    If you notice anomalies of connection and/or speed problems it is advisable to report the information to myself and the author Jose EA5HVK via email.

    Thanks for collaboration


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Good morning i reported to Josè a malfunction of the version 4.1 of the vara modem.

    It seems that sometimes it has problems in decoding, often the correspondent transmits but the server does not decode, the speed decays frighteningly and when the server decodes the SNR value is often extremely low as you can see from the attached screen, which never is happened with version 4.0.2 where the speeds were high.

    I asked if you can check this and possibly release, as soon as possible, a version that works in decoding like the previous one as many fellow radio amateurs are having big problems.

    Roberto IS0GRB

    Good morning. This is my patch 1.8 compatible with the Adalm Pluto Rev-C.

    I would like to thank Nico ON7NDR for the availability, testing and debugging to fix the problem to make my patch compatible with Rev-C and allow him to operate in DATV again.

    Please use this version only with Adalm Pluto version C:…PGifHaEE/view?usp=sharing

    In the next versions i will try to do a self-recognition of the Pluto version in order to have a single version.


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.8 available:

    1- Inserted the buttons for modifying the power.

    In addition to the slider it is now possible to modify the power with the + and - buttons by setting the step of 0.25, 0.50 or 1dB or the combination of them up to a maximum of 1.75dB.

    As with the slider, the power is changed immediately after the click on the button.

    2- Added the config section for the Wi-Fi interface

    Now it is possible to easily configure the Wi-Fi interface with SSID WLAN, Password WLAN, Static IP WLAN and Wi-Fi Default gateway.

    3- Added some options for the spectrum.

    Speed change, color change and fullscreen

    4- Move different configurations to a separate page of config. Link at the top of the controller page

    5- Changed the formatting of the controller page when it is reduced to 950px on the screen to have different windows on the desktop…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing

    Hello Jabi, check that you have not inserted video files for static beacon that if large, do not leave room for the patch.
    You can delete everything from the patch itself or if you prefer to SSH with Putty and give this command:

    # rm -f /mnt/jffs2/*

    Then try to load the ptch again.

    Check the name it writes to you after you select the file.

    If the file differs from all lowercase is not accepted


    Roberto IS0GRB

    From April 4th it will be necessary to use the new version VARA SAT 4.1.0.

    You have surely seen the download notice of the new version; you must continue using the VARA SAT v4.0.2 and save the VARA SAT v4.1.0 setup file in any place of your PC; after April 4th, the v4.0.2 will not longer be compatible.

    Since the new version is not compatible with the previous one, i asked Jose EA5HVK to wait a period of time for everyone to be able to download the new version and to have it available on that date.

    There are some colleagues /MM and others who don't always have an internet connection and this would have created problems.


    The new changes and innovations are now described in the Changelog.txt:

    v4.1.0 (19/03/2021)

    Huffman compression, which increases the Winlink throughput connection in the slow levels (1-5).
    This new improvement is only for VARA registered users.

    32-bit hash to resolve a small but finite chance of getting a call wrong
    Less latency in high speed levels

    Fixed BREAK loop in case of CMS connection failure in the middle of a VARA connection.

    Swap RX Channels option

    ChangeLog in Help menu

    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Jabi, it is likely that the filename is incorrect.

    With windows normally you have to rename only the title without the extension, as it inserts it by default, otherwise you will get a file that ends with or delete the old file from the download folder and retrieve the patch; in this way it will be saved directly with the correct name

    If you still have problems let me know.


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.71 available

    1- Inserted the colors for the memories.

    For a better organization and identification it is now possible to associate a color to the memories during the store that can be modified later clicking on modify mem color.

    2- Added update memory button.

    Now you can update memories parameters clicking on update mem.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.7 available

    1- Added memories for the modulator.

    Now it is possible to configure the memories for the modulator.

    The possible operations are: Save, Delete, Modify label, Delete all memories, Backup and Restore of the memories

    Clicking on the delete and modify buttons, suggestions for how to operate will appear.

    Also included the double confirmation when you decide to delete all the memories, even if the restore will be quick and easy with the backup file previously saved.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Thomas, you will excuse me, unfortunately i had a problem in the family and i have been a bit busy.

    Regarding the audio problem, i am no expert on IC-9700, but i own IC-7300 and i believe i install a virtual sound card, where you can adjust audio channel levels separately.

    I didn't quite understand what your need was, but normally the signal goes into mono taking both audio channels.

    Thanks for the message


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV patch v.1.63 available:

    1- Inserted PTT delay when switched to Standby.

    During the qso, during the net or in local DATV it is always necessary to listen to the last piece of the transmission to avoid detaching the ptt of the Pluto before all the data have been sent and therefore make sure that the correspondent has heard all the words.

    Now it is possible to take advantage of a delay in PTT Off (active by default and can be deactivated) which allows you not to worry about playback and to be sure that the PTT is disconnected only after the necessary seconds to empty the buffer.

    By default, a 8 seconds delay is selected, suitable for SR333, but can be reduced for high SRs and can be increased for low SRs where the buffer emptying time is greater.

    Activating the PTT delay and after pressing SWITCH OFF when the PTT is ONAIR you will see a countdown progress bar that indicates the seconds remaining in Standby…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Michel, thank you for the suggestion.

    You can download my patch v.1.62 you will find the change.

    Also include v.1.61:

    1- Added FFMPEG image fine adjustment

    Added the drop-down menu for the custom setting of the precision adjustment on FFMPEG.

    Possible choices: film | animation | grain | stillimage | psnr | ssim | fastdecode | zerolatency.

    Request from Raffaele IW1QEF & Francesco IT9HZM…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.6 available:

    1- Added disable option for audio bit rate.

    It is now possible to disable audio in the transport stream by selecting "disable" in the audio bit rate drop-down menu.

    2- PTT ON / OFF at startup.

    Now you can decide whether to set the PTT ON / OFF at startup.

    For those who use OBS it can be convenient that the PTT at start-up is OFF, while for those who use the repeater or beacon mode it is necessary that at start-up it is ON for obvious reasons.

    3- Checking the beacon.ts file name in the Live & Static beacon configuration.

    During the upload the file will be checked and if the name does not match exactly and all lowercase will not be uploaded.

    This verification is necessary to eliminate the problems encountered by some.

    4- Delete all video files button in Static Beacon section

    This button now deletes all video files in the partition that have been uploaded by mistake earlier.

    5- Delete all patch button.

    The delete all patch button, in the Firmware section, now deletes all the files present in the partition that have been loaded by mistake earlier with the .zip extension and/or with a name different from

    6- Fixed a small bug in storing the flag of the 4 DATV modes.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Markro92, meanwhile, congratulations on your software.
    I would like to ask you if there is a way to drive the frequency of the dvb-s gui from the outside.
    I ask you this because the use of the USB stick is often convenient in conjunction with the minitiuone during DATV operations.
    My idea is to be able to drive the dvb-s gui frequency and symbol rate with a click on the signals of the spectrum of the Pluto controller also / or separately in order to have 2 receivers at will.
    In case you could make a system like the minitioune that accepts UDP or TCP packets, or how it gets good based on your characteristics. This also solves tuning problems, which are often not simple and would speed up the decoding
    If you need clarification do not hesitate to write to me.

    Thank you


    Roberto IS0GRB

    IS0GRB Pluto DATV Patch v.1.5 available

    1- Improved operability.

    Inserted under the spectrum the "save to flash and "apply settings" buttons to be ready to update the modulator after tuning a signal.

    2- Memory for RX / TX flag in spectrum settings

    Insert the memory for the status of the rx and tx flags in the spectrum settings.Now updating the page maintains the previously selected state.

    3- Added the config section for the ethernet interface

    Now it is possible to easily configure the ethernet interface with IP address and Default gateway.

    4- Compact all sections.

    The controller page is more intuitive and compact.…CTMd73fk/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hello Jabi some colleagues have had problems inserting the firmware 0201, some have found your problem, to others it is blocked and to me it no longer transmitted.

    We all solved it by doing the recovery procedure of the pluto by rewriting uboot.dfu and pluto.dfu (fw 0.32 adalm pluto) and then putting back the Evariste firmware and my patch.
    I think i have read some messages where it was suggested not to use the fw 0201 for problems it can create.


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Jabi i don't know what to recommend but it's not a problem derived from the patch, me and other colleagues have tried the patch for some time without problems of this kind.