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    I am very happy with the results that are being achieved, having the possibility to send and receive e-mails via satellite is an incredible opportunity, especially for dx speditions, in faraway places or by boat.

    Thank you very much for the tests done Gustavo, you are very kind

    Today I have added a more powerful server and minimized RX buffering by direct high-speed listening on my websdr gps locked, eliminating additional programs and slow SDR interfaces.

    All this has allowed a remarkable increase in performance.


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Today the first excellent connection results throught QO-100 with DJ0MY and ON4KVI.

    DJ0MY has also tested sending by email with a large attached file about 30k and everything is working properly.

    Currently the mode that works is VARA SAT with the VARA SAT 3.0.0 beta modem.

    We are waiting for results from the Winlink developers to make also the Winmor and Ardop modems work too.

    Thank you all for the tests, i am sure we will improve even more.


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi all, Jose EA5HVK has just released a new 3.0.0 beta version of the VARA modem (VARA SAT).

    This is the first version for the QO-100 SAT and tomorrow it will release a more complete one, while those who want to try will have to install this version 3.0.0 SAT of the VARA modem to use with Winlink Express:

    The tests with Ardop modem for have not been successful, we expect software modifications by the authors of Winlink and Ardop that envisage a possible full-duplex release specifically for the satellite and not compatible for the HF


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Oscar, Jose EA5HVK kindly sent me a new software version of the VARA modem to be matched to Winlink specific to QO-100, where it will calculate and also indicate the total delay between reception and transmission and which will be useful for the final release

    We also will test the Ardop modem with the leader to 2000 or greater as suggested by Rick that wait our reports for a new release.

    Please check the emails for the info

    Thank you


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Oscar, Jose EA5HVK author of VARA modem, tells me that the version of the Vara modem we've tested is 2.2.1 which covers a delay of up to 1.2 seconds, not enough to work via satellite, it asks me to try again with the 3.0.2 beta version which covers delays up to 1.7 seconds with which it should work:

    I have also requested both Jose and to the author of Winmor and Ardop the possibility of operating in full-duplex which would probably be the solution to the problem, considering that the audio sources are different, uhf radio in TX and SDR or analog receiver in RX and this would make it possible to reduce delays and with the possibility of decreasing the delay, even an increase in normal performance.

    If you have the possibility to install v.3.0.2 i would be grateful, i have already installed it and this evening we can carry out further tests with VARA.

    Rick KN6KB, Winmor and Ardop author suggest to use Ardop where is possible to increase the 'leader lenght' parameter, it can accept up to 2500ms, we can try with 2000ms and if not work to calculate exatly all the delay via SAT, in order to modify the software.

    If someone else wants to try, they can communicate it is welcome

    My server listen on 10489635 dial


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Hi Oscar, i sent an email to Steve K4CJX, Winlink administrator, explaining the problems and if they can give us support in the next winlink software release for the tests of Winlink via satellite.
    I sent him the links of this forum so he could read the problems encountered

    We await for an answer


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Dear Oscar, in the meantime I thank you for the availability and the tests carried out, they were very interesting and allowed to bring out some critical points of this system through the satellite.

    I will write to the developers of Winlink to propose an implementation of the delay parameters so that it can also be used via QO-100, which will allow communication via e-mail in a long distance, where internet is not available and in emergency communications.

    I undertake to carry out further tests with another uplink in order to be able to modify parameters without the aid of a friendly station.

    Unfortunately, at the time I did not receive the availability of other stations to carry out further tests.

    There are other ways of this system that we can try in AFSK and which will be subject to further tests if you are available.

    I would also like to thank Peter DB2OS who wrote to me via email and supported my idea of testing this system, very useful in faraway places and in emergency situations.

    See you soon


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Good morning Oscar, i checked the .ini files of Winmor and Ardop modem in the C:\RMS directory and you can modify the delays.

    Specifically, in Winmor tries to set these parameters in the WINMOR_TNC.ini file:

    ResponseDelay = 1000 (instead of 300)

    LeaderExtension = 10 (instead of 0)

    Some tests with these parameters have already been successfully carried out, view this link:

    As regards Ardop modem in the file ARDOP_WinTNC.ini or through the GUI in the Ardop modem TNC setup, try to set these parameters:

    LeaderLenght = 500 (instead of 160)

    Trailer Length = 10 (instead of 0)

    I also changed these parameters in my server as indicated, i believe that in this way, considering the delays, the connection can succeed.

    Interesting document on the functioning of Winlink and RMS Express:…s.3-WINLINK-in-EMCOMM.pdf

    The server is always operational in testing until new communication.

    If any other colleague wants to try I will be grateful if he can do tests.

    73 de Roberto IS0GRB

    Ok Oscar and many thanks for the report and patience.

    I have seen that the only way that works well is Ardop, try to sets the leader lenght at 120ms and we try again, otherwise I will necessarily have to receive analogue to try new tests.

    I disabled vara because it loops


    Roberto IS0GRB

    To reduce delays it is necessary for at least one of us to have the reception converted to analogue, I am currently using sdr which generates 130ms of delay, added to the uhf radio switching delay and the satellite delay, we are not there . it is useful to have the direct conversion of the lnb to 432 MHz in analog to reduce a third of the delay but at the moment I can't do it, I should make changes to the system, I think later. but we can also try in ardop and vara mode, thanks anyway for your tests


    Roberto IS0GRB

    Oscar, the solution to this problem could be to operate in split even if it seems to me that winmor does not foresee it, you should try to connect in ardop mode or with Vara modem that manage delays better

    After you have performed the tests with the other modes we can try in split


    Roberto IS0GRB