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    I still have a nice linear PA, Mode A! from Comcast, former used in an Australian VSB TV Distribution Network , for using with Es'hail Sat . It is interesting that the engineers where able to combine 5 Transistors in a 3 double combiner network (I never had seen such a solution before).

    As I mentioned before , this is a class A amplifier with about 2A per final Transistor. It delivers a loot of heat for 17db gain . I am looking forward into the future with practical Es'hail experience, how linear this linear PA will be behave with DATV. Maybe I can reduce it to something like A with a little B, as every transistor has ist own poti for adjusting the drain current.

    vy 73 Hans

    Hi...I didn't find any ham radio 13cm power amplifier kit, it seems that some existed in the past, but I didn't find one available today.Also, it doses not seems that it exists any chip with an amplifier built in, like the MITSUBISHI & TOSHIBA module, that exist for VHF/UHF/1.2Ghz

    It's a quite easy way to DIY an amplifier.

    A possible solution for a DIY PA is the MW7IC2725NR1 : Modules are cheap from China, delivery about 3 weeks. Gain about 27dB , its a linear chip design for WIMAX with 5W Output, P1dB =20W. I have redesigned the NXP data sheet test circuit to FR4 material and waiting currently for the boards for building it.

    Übrigens, ich weiss nicht ob das schon bekannt ist, auf eBay bietet OE7DBH Quarze zu

    25.7884 x 390 = 10057.476MHz an, für eine ZF bei 432 Mhz .