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    I am already working on a software-patch for the sf8008 to extend the frequency-range.

    All the secret ist in the file "hi-dvb.ko" and its RDA5815-relevant sub-part.

    I was successful in disassembling the binary (kernel-module)-code, which is quite identical

    to the SiLabs-source for RDA5815M, which can be found (SiLabs-superset) on github.

    After removing some restrictions, I am able to tune the IF @ 885...2360 MHz. That is not

    enough, because the RDA-tuner has 2 oszillators and for reaching lower frequencies,

    some programmable deviders and registers of the chip need to be changed.

    Unfortunately only an electrical datasheet ca be found in the internet and I need a

    programmers document to continue my modifications (has someone more informations?).

    It is true, that the tuner is able to receive IF-signals from 250MHz to 2300MHz and above.

    With successful modification, the Octagon should receive QO-100-WB together with normal

    unmodified (9750MHz) LNBs.

    Another aspect could be a software-modification of the afc-behavior, to remain on frequency,

    even if strong signals are on neighbor-channels.

    Anyhow, would be nice, if another OM has more knowlege than me in programming the ARM-

    processor of the SF8008...


    Manfred, DL1JM

    @Baris: I had sent you some email, but no response!?