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    Hello Guntram,

    thanks for the explanation of the SAT-modes. But AFAIK ADIF does not support these special "band-letters" (and so clublog and LOTW will "ignore" this additional information . ADIF just allows "SAT" - but that 's enough for correct treatment in these before mentioned log-systems.

    73 de Johannes

    Hello Remco,

    ADIF allows you an additional field of propagation mode (i.e. SAT). In my QSOs via QO-100 uploaded this way Clublog writes in the "DXCC-field" "SATELLITE, INTERNET OR REPEATER". Thus I think these QSOs do not count for a DXCC-ranking list in 13cm. (Or am I wrong ?)

    73 de Johannes


    Hello Detlef,

    more than 12V is only more stress for the internal DC-DC-transformer of the PA. The applied 12V are internaly regulated to 6V.

    Thus if you really think about higher voltage:

    First look at the datasheet of the power transistor - especially the voltage specification. And if there is enough headroom, then you have to change the internal DC-DC-converter or inject the higher voltage direct.

    But I think HB9SKA is right....nobody will recongnice a difference between 3,8W and 4,3W ;-) So it's not worth the effort.

    73 de Johannes


    Hello if you read their entry they say (or at least they sayid it when I read it) that wether the DX nor the manager will respond to Emails.

    But from my own experience I can say, that you get your QSL 100% if you OQRS via clublog with payment via PayPal.

    My QSO with S01WS was on 17/2/19

    73 de johannes


    I made several QSOs (160m up to 6m and also via QO-100) with S01WS. My Sat-QSO is showing up as 13cm SSB in clublog.

    I ordered a few times QSLs (OQRS) via clublog from S01WS (you have to contribute via PayPal) and received all cards very fast. (I have not yet applied for the Sat-QSO-card - but I think this will also be no problem).

    73 de Johannes



    I have the following settings in my V 8 for the beacon.

    I have the same ZF in my LNB like you, so you just can copy-paste my settigs:

    LNB-Frequency: 5150 (yes this is wrong QRG, but in this way it will work)

    TransponderQRG: 4016 Horizontal, symbolrate 2000

    DiseqC 1.0 and 1.1 disabled

    22k off

    Hope you succed.

    73 de Johannes


    thanks for the info !

    Hello Chris,

    Your image is showing the OUTPUT site of the device.

    The "part" of interest switches between the RX and the TX-branche of the PA. If you want to use the PA only for TX (e.g. QO-100) then you can just bridge the part and get about one additional dB :-).

    If you also need to RX via the PA this modifiaction is not suitable for you.

    The "wire" goes from the marked PIN to the marked solder joint of the capacitor (not to the pin of the IC - the image is not very good thus someone could be miss leaded - so I repeat: solder to the marked point of the capacitor !!).

    73 de Johannes


    I also own the V8 (FW at least 1 years old). I can receive the DATV-beacon (2Mbit) with now problem (also LNB changed from 25 to 24 MHz).

    What is the size of your dish ( I have 85cm offset) ? Can you receive DW-TV or France 24 from BADR 4 ? (assuming that you are in middle europe - when you are in northern or western EU you wil not receive BADR 4).

    73 de Johannes


    Hello Wolfgang,

    I modified this LNB (and many others of different typs) myself for external referenze input. In the moment I use a megasat Diavolo dual LNB. I use one F-connector for ZF and feed the LO (from Leo Bodnar GPSDO) via the other F-connector. I can Change the LO so that I can have a ZF from at least 400-1500 MHz - )70cm or 23 cm Amateur band included).


    Thank you for the hint - i knew already. But you loose remarkable signal strength. For NB it is not so important (I have a 1,2m dish). But even with this dish weak WB-transmittions can not be decoded, which can be seen with a right alligned LNB.

    BTW: Thank you again for the program you gave me !!!!

    73 de Johannes


    vielen Dank für die Info mit dem neuen BAMATECH-FEED und der Relais-Umschaltung. Das sollte klappen - Viel Erfolg !

    Servus Johannes

    P.s. Ich bleibe lieber bei meinen GPSDO-modifizierten 3 Euro LNB, welches schon in einem wasserfesten Gehäuse ist und nur eine Lötstelle zwischen den Antenne und dem "Konverter" hat - und das ganze an einem POTY - da geht SSB und DATV ;-)


    Hello Wolfgang,

    the converter can not switch between polarities, when there is no physical antenna for this polarity. The "Hardware" (BAMATECH-Feed) has only one "antenna" for 10GHz for one polarisation plane. There is no second "antenna" in the horn for the other plane (you consecquently would have also two Output sockets for the two planes, but there is just one SMA-10GHz-output. (When you open a LNB you see two "antennas" (i.e. pieces of wire) orientated 90 degree to each other. Thus you can switch between horizontal and vertical).

    With the KUNE converter you can switch between the frequencies where the Signal is convertd to, but not the polarity of the antenna.

    Sorry - but I am just the bringer of the "bad" news. ;-)

    73 de Johannes


    Hello Thomas.

    Wihout the modification the PA has a HF-Vox for switching between RX and TX. In this way you can use the PA for transmit or receive, like required for a normal simplex, terrestrial QSO in SSB, FM or CW.....

    With this modification the PA is in permanent TX mode. You can no longer receive a signal "through" the PA. Thus this configuration is only suitable for a TX only operation.

    Full duplex operation (on 2.4GHz two way) is not possible with this PA (neither with the unmodified PA nor with the PA modified in the mentioned way).

    73 de Johannes

    P.s. the "Power amplifier -PA" part of the QO-100 Wiki cited by DL4OCE is in my opinion of very "questionable" quality