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    Hello everyone!

    I put our Shoutbox into operation today.

    You can always find it at the top of the forum.

    So you can exchange short data and chats quickly and easily with each other.

    So that not everything disappears immediately there is also a Shoutbox archive, where you can look up older chat.

    Just give it a try - we'll see if it's accepted and if it's usable :)

    73 from Berlin
    Chris, DL7AG

    Due to the too high demand, we currently suspend the ordering option in the AMSAT-DL Shop until Wednesday of 8 KW, because only then can we request actual delivery capacities.

    75 % of the ordered receiving mixers have already been shipped.

    We ask for your understanding, but the response is overwhelming.

    At the same time, we are also preparing an information session.

    During the last weeks I sometimes get mails with problem descriptions from the forum or the shop.

    Up to now 90% of them were problems due to incorrect operation, rarely due to errors in our software.

    If you want to help them, sometimes there are no more answers or it takes days for them to answer. It is then always difficult to really help and it makes useless work.

    Either way, it's sometimes difficult to track problems and respond properly.

    So that this is easier for me and I can channel the inquiries also better, I created a ticket system for the test.

    All problem and support messages concerning shop and forum, please report there immediately.

    Ich bekomme in den letzten Wochen manchmal Mails mit Problemschilderungen aus dem Forum oder dem Shop.

    Bisher waren es zu 90% Probleme durch falsche Bedienung, selten durch Fehler in unserer Software.

    Möchte man demjenigen helfen, kommen dann manchmal keine Antworten mehr oder es dauert Tage bis derjenige antwortet. Es ist dann immer schwer, wirklich zu Helfen und es macht unnütze Arbeit.

    Egal wie, es ist manchmal schwierig die Probleme zu verfolgen und entsprechend ordentlich zu reagieren.

    Damit dieses für mich einfacher ist und ich die Anfragen auch besser Kanalisieren kann, habe ich zum Test ein Ticket-System erstellt.

    Alle Problem- und Support-Meldungen bezüglich Shop und Forum, bitte ab sofort dort melden.

    AMSAT Deutschland Ticket-System

    73 aus Berlin
    Christian, DL7AG

    AMSAT-DL e.V. Webmaster / Grafik / Presse

    After Space X successfully completed the engine test on the Falcon 9 rocket tonight, the launch has now been officially confirmed.

    AMSAT-DL President and Es'hail-2 Project Leader Peter Gülzow and Project Manager Achim Vollhardt are already on their way to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and will provide us with great and spectacular pictures and information.:thumbup: