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    Eventually I got it working.

    I gave up understanding how windiws sound system works, and I created a third virtual audio cable reserved for hsmodem, and I change the console input when I use the modem.

    Not elegant but it works. I guess hsmodem want the exclusive use of the output, but I didn't discover what is using the audio channel when all the other SWs are not running...

    Pietro I2OIM

    This is the error in the terminal:

    Start request for PB stream:Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) (Virtual Audio Cable)

    Starting PB stream:Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) (Virtual Audio Cable) [2]

    create resampler 2 real 48000 req 44100

    1.088435 48000.000000 44100.000000

    Playback : err:-9998 device:2 PAdev:14 samprate: 48000.000000 chans:2

    cannot open playback stream for device:<Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) (Virtual Audio Cable)> -9997

    PB: cannot open device: Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) (Virtual Audio Cable)

    the name (Virtual Audio Cable) (Virtual Audio Cable) is correct, not a mistake. It is the right name of the 2° virt ual cable.

    I continues to analyze... ?(


    I try again, one year later...

    HSModem receives the beacon and photo transmission perfectly, but I cannot set a virtual cable as output.

    The only output it accepts is the radio, while for QO-100 I use the Pluto with SDR Console.

    I have two virtual cables, one from the Console to the HSModem input, the other from the Console output to the HSModem input, but the latter is not accepted in the HSModem setup. There is nothing else connected to the output of the second cable, and in any case I have specified (for all audio channels) that exclusive access is not allowed.

    Any idea? [Windows 10, last release of VAC and HSModem]

    Pietro I2OIM

    I beg your pardon if I'm bak after a while...

    I receive from SDR# through a virtual cable (VAC) as you suggest. I'm tryng to trasmit via my ft818 via an external audio device. This configuration are working well with FT8, SSTV, KG-STV and fldigi. But HsModem does not allow me to send the output to the radio. Has I to ut a VAC here, too? Why? Or maybe I have to adjust somethisng as bitrate or othere?

    Thanks for any help.

    Pietro I2OIM

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I apologize if this question has already been discussed, I searched the forum but couldn't find any help.

    The question is about HSModem setup: when I try to set my radio's audio input as the output for the HS modem, the software tells me it is not available. The channel is a USB audio device. I receive from a different audio (VAC coming from a SDR# instance) with no issues.

    I have other programs targeting that channel (WSJT-x, MSSTV etc) but they are not active. The device is declared not to accept exclusive access. OS W10.

    Any trick is welcome.

    Pietro I2OIM