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    Hi Enzo,

    a good choice may be the Bulleseye 10 kHz BE01. That LNB has a TCXO stabilized LO-PLL.

    Specs see here:…h-stability-universal-lnb

    It works very fine. I do not know the real frequency offset of the 25 MHz TCXO. But while testing my LNB I found that it is some 16 kHz above the 25 MHz. I use that LNB for quite a while with Simon Brown's SDR Console and frequency correction using the PSK beacon.

    Without frequency correction the TCXO ist quite stable.

    I have made some LO frequency offset correction on the RX config in SDR Console 9750.000.000 Hz -> 9749.980.600 Hz. Do not know if this is necessary with SDR Console, but because I do not know the lock range of the AFC I did it.

    There is a second LNB connector where the TCXO signal is available for measuerements (red marked connector) and (programmable) corrections.

    You may have a look on that Enzo.

    73 Peter

    You should ask Darko if he had tested the BU-500 up converter on 10m Input. The LO is able to cover 10m.. I am running this with 2m input and this works.. also 70cm input

    Is there any European dealer where that device can be purchased from?

    What are then the costs?

    Looking on the manufaturer's site I read some USD169 (USD99) plus USD50 shipping. Think some customs tax has to be paid when shipped from Taiwan into EU as well.

    73 Peter