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    Heh, I addressed Peter, but to catch up your last sentences: same here with Windows! I started Windows as it was called Win286 ;-)

    I would never have grown to an open source contributor if I had stayed in the (very) limited Windows world. I still use it when really absolutely neccessary in very few cases nowadays. :-)

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    Edit: But let's not start a flamewar here - let's focus on more important stuff like building a GS system ;-)

    Edit2: typo :P

    Then LEILA comes to play :P

    No, that won't work, because the station that triggers LEILA won't even hear the LEILA. And afaik this LEILA system used on Eshail'2 is passive! That means that users *must* listen to their own downlink - running simplex would be outrageous ;-)

    For sure I'm patient ;-)
    Just didn't see any thread describing these problems, so I thought it might have been "overseen".

    The readability issue is not just meant for smartphones.

    Read it as it's meant: a personal opinion and a suggestion to make things even better ;-)

    Good work on the new forum meanwhile!

    In general, but this is just my personal opinion, it's not very comfortable to read and use the forum. Can't say what it is as I am not a UI specialist ;-)

    Bold text on a white background with nearly invisible frames etc... Maybe this could be done better in some way!?

    Please don't understand this as moaning :-)


    I would like to suggest using a Linux distro and all the open source tools of the satellite community will be available to you. Running modern versions of e.g. gpredict, gqrx (and someday its follow-up), strf and numerous other things.

    It would be great to see more HAMs using all this stuff ;-)