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    Screen dump of the latest version of my piHPSDR software running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with a LimeSDR.

    The Raspberry Pi 4 is connected to a controller board with several encoders and push buttons and a 7 inch touch screen.

    I have been working on my satellite station. I currently have receive working quite well with a 60cm offset dish using an unmodified Octagon OTLSO with an V3 dongle.

    For the software I am using my own linHPSDR Linux software, which was originally written to work with the HPSDR/Apache Labs Radios, which I have been adding support for SoapySDR so I can use it with the RTL-SDR dongle and devices which it supports. I am also working on getting my LimeSDR working which I intend using for transmit.

    Next steps are to build a dual feed and also to get a 2.4GHz PA.