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    Hi Matthias, I thought the window closing was a normal activity. Previously it did remain open but I saw that it was reporting errors. From another post on this forum the fix was to change the audio sampling rate in the windows sound properties to 48000. Once I did that, the command window closes when it completes its commands. No errors are reported in the command window since I changed the sound sampling.

    73 Andrew G8TZJ

    I need some help to get the HS modem working with my IC-9700 and windows 10 PC. The program starts and the command window opens. It runs through many items with no errors and the command window closes. The HS modem program does not recognise the 9700 (see the “red circles” in the attached image) and the “status” in the bottom left shows an IP address briefly then it turns red.

    From the program’s help file it says;

    Windows 10: After the first start, Windows 10 shows two dialogs to obtain permission for network access. You have to confirm both, otherwise the program won't run.

    I don’t remember seeing this, only the User Account Control panel appears asking to run the program Yes / No each time I start the program.

    The 9700 is connected via USB. The Icom drivers were installed long ago. I can go to the windows audio properties, select the USB codec, tick a box, press OK and the rigs audio comes through the PC’s speakers. So the rigs audio is getting into the PC but not to the program.

    Also the Status in the bottom right shows an IP address for a few seconds and then turns red as in the image shown below.

    Can anyone suggest something to try?

    73 Andrew G8TZJ