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    Does anyone have a datasheet for the YP 242084 amplifier and the YS 1802 regulator used in this PA?

    I know only Innotion YP242034:…ionyp242034datasheet-pdf/



    I will remove the Quartz and the 2 capacitors. Remove solder from one of the F connector and add 25Mhz. Can you give me more details about the ferrite bead transformer ?

    73 Petronel


    Hi Petronel.

    There are others threads too.




    Hi Enzo.

    You probably have some RF feedback on the power supply line at its T Bias. When you use external power supply you isolate this way. In the Bias T +12 VDC try:

    - Use some ferrite (bead, core or choke).

    - Use some capacitors for RF decoupling (or feedthrough capacitor).

    - A shielded cable for power supply.

    73 de PY1SAN


    Hallo, es gibt inzwischen die Variante im Alu Gehäuse mit 10GHz. Hat jemand die Software dafür (WIN 10!)

    73 Peter

    I tested a model of up to 10 GHz.

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    This one I have the software.

    py1san at

    Hi all and seasons greeting . I'm looking for the last version link for DVB-S demodulator   . Thanks & 73

    Hi St2nh Nader. The link is (page 40 this thread):

    73 !

    Version 2.1.0



    • Added support for 16APSK and 32APSK modcodes
    • Fixed demodulator using wrong modcodes in ACM/VCM mode
    • Fixed a crash occuring while cleaning up buffers on program exit
    • Fixed wrong scaling of TCP input samples using the F32 format
    • Fixed IQPlot imaginary axis being flipped
    • Removed QCustomPlot dependency

    Congratulations Fazlay s21rc .



    As an update, I was able to feed directly 10MHz into my Rev. C/D Pluto. I used a 0.9Vpp square signal from a ENE3311B. Had to run, as per

    fw_setenv refclk_source 'external'
    fw_setenv ad936x_ext_refclk_override '<10000000>'
    pluto_reboot reset

    This way, 10MHz was enabled from the external input.

    Congratulations PY3PK .

    Does it work fine with 10 MHz?


    Resende - Rio de Janeiro.


    Hi Fazlay.

    1: Minimum Antenna dish size for receiving QO-100? ?

    The elevation here (Brazil) is around 10 degree and many stations work with antennas between 60 and 90cm.

    I worked portable in GG88HG (Juiz de Fora - MG) inside the hotel with 75cm dish:

    [Blocked Image:]

    2. SDR or Icom UHF radio (by modifying LNB PLL frequency)? Which one would give better receive?

    I prefer SDR. I like "see" all the NB Transponder spectrum.

    73 !




    Hi Pedro.

    Great project !




    Hi Sandro,

    I suppose you can't reach the recommended phase noise values with a clock multiplier. I am waiting for a 40 MHz OCXO (KVG RTL203004) from eBay.

    73 Detlev, DC7KG

    Hi @DC7KG  Detlev.

    I haven't experienced with 40 MHz OCXO. I use the ENE3311B here. 10 MHZ output. I hope very successful for you.

    73 !


    Thanks @DC7KG  Detlev.

    Very interesting.



    Ok thank u ddius

    What about this given pic ocxo ix this work . It printed from back side some kind of multiplication. And is any coding required in putty for external clk

    Hi Muhammad.

    This link below have some info about this module (use ICS512 or NB3N502):



    Sandro Ribeiro



    3) I used one very cheap SDR. Sorry. 2019 methode: RE: Es'hail-2 beacon frequency (non-amateur)

    4) I know only the TP WB & TP NB. Sorry. 2019 methode: Es'hail-2 beacon frequency (non-amateur)

    5) I used only the voltage methode NB <18v>WB.

    6) Generally is 9750 MHz.

    Welcome the best TP amsat !

    Hi Rudi.

    I use a aluminum box enclosure in my Adalm Pluto.


    Adalm Pluto Mods



    Feng showed me the inside of his LNB. It has an RDA3566 chip, which doesn't have a 'symmetrical oscillator' (aka kalitron), so 'balanced' feeding does not work. It works perfectly for the NXP chips like I revealed/published in 2019 (or so).

    For the RDA-chips there is an 'input' and 'output' pin (where injected levels differ around +20 dB (relative to the input).

    I tested this balanced method only this year. Here the chip is RT320M.