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    I'm YO8SEP and I've started building my setup for QO-100.

    I've started this thread to keep track of my progress and problems I encounter.

    It will be based on Adalm Pluto with 0.5ppm TXCO + CN0417 driver + attenuator + (later) SG Lab 20w PA feeding a Poty or Helix (depending on local materials).

    Antenna will be a 90cm offset + LNB PLL (txco or sdr-console locked) + BiasT. I might add later a 740Mhz band pass filter and/or attenuator if needed.

    vy 73,




    I equipped my rev.C. pluto with a similar, more simple circuit.

    OS commands for switching between external and internal clock work only if the rev. resistor is modified accordingly. 8)

    Can you give more details about your circuit ?

    Thank you.



    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread.

    I'm new to QO-100 and I've just ordered an Adalm Pluto. I plan to replace the TXCO with TG2520SMN 40.0000M-ECGNNM3.

    This will be enough for digital modes FT8/FT4 ?

    Because this TXCO doesn't have an E/D pin, I will loose the option to switch to external reference using CLK_IN u.fl connector.

    Is there any option (cheaper than using a LeoBodnar GPSDO) for a 40Mhz ref in ? I have a 10Mhz OCXO and I can try to get 40 or 50MHz, but phase noise is what worries me.

    vy 73,