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    the dots are 3dB above noise,

    more or less than my suppressed carrier when I am not talking.

    What will be the conclusion? Prefer two-way contacts.

    February 14th we found that 50mW to a 60cm dish is sufficient for two qsos in cw 539 +

    At around 11:50 UTC A71A appeared on .710.

    DK2ZF was lucky enough to made the QSO number one.

    At first Hamid was on the Mike, later DB2OS and DH2VA

    They are running 300mW into 2.4m dish . The group will return on mondy.

    Well done boys !

    Feb. 14th 10:53 UTC:

    Tu ALL for the correct BCN qrg, i have a little offset but it doesnt matter AMATEUR RADIO is EXPERIMENTAL by definition.

    And: satellite means DUPLEX since the old OSCARS. You can run and tune simultaneously your own transmission by strength and quality.

    And now waiting for the upcoming procedure


    Hi grandfather Zlatko from grandfather Rolf, yes it was a pleasure to work you from your balcony yesterday at 17:04 UTC. Here a better operating posn. INSIDE and ant outside... Your signal fine so nothing to complain. We will have a lot of fun with the new bird, No. 100 73 Rolf

    Feb.12th between 15:32 and 19:51 some 20 qsos, 3 in CW. Lowest pwr DL4SAC with 200mW to a 40 turn helix.

    There was at 17:56 F5JWF with excessive pwr, blocking and desensing the whole transponder passband. After friendly requests to him to reduce pwr by 20 dB he decides : i go QRT now

    All other stns excellent, OE4WOG had problems with the downlink.

    Here FT-847 fully DUPLEX with 145 to 2400 and RX Kuhne LNB to 1123 MHz divider port 1 to SDR port 2 to a converter for 430 MHz. Operating full duplex and in parallel watching my SDR.

    TX dish 60cm G3RUH patchfeed, RX 1.40m dish.

    Suppose that 10W at dish is quite sufficient-

    for Ascension 80cm should be ok.

    DK2ZF Feb. 13th 09:47

    Wednesday, 02:55 UTC

    passband is empty... so time for an overall view from DK2ZF.

    Here operation started at 15:32 hrd and wrkd: M0EYT, PA3FYM, PE1ITR, DK2DB, DC1NN, IK8XLD, IW1DTU, OE4WOG (downlink problems missed abt 30dB in downlink... , SP9VFD, DB6NT, F5BUU, F6BVA, G3WDG, GI7UGV, OZ1CTZ (first stn wkd in CW), DL4SCA in CW he runs 200mW!!! only into 40 turns helix, 9A2SB, DL5RDI, F5JWF was overloading and blocking the transponder, kindly requested to reduce by 20dB, F5BUU, DJ4ZC (!!), G4BAO, DF1OI, DC3ZB.

    Not too bad for the beginning! About three stations are with poor modulation, all othesr excellent. So would be no longer a topic (quality of service)

    IK0EQJ Is that 10 dB/div, so at your RX the tpx noise is around 10 dB stronger than 'normal' noise ?

    Tuesday, Fe. 12th 15:22

    during the last days xponder noise level is 10dB without any fading, VERTICAL, here in JO43VH 1,40m offset, KUHNE LNB Sounds promising

    Transponder-TX is ON,

    same level as in DEC 2018. TX is a beacon with a good idenfification, at the end at 11:04 just hallo hallo on sideband and then beacon disappeared.

    Callsign and Locator WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED... lessons learned, but a audio sequence is on my smartphone+

    Ah yes I remember the days when Leonid UA3CR first visited the AMSAT-UK colloquium and there was a lot more contact between Russian and western amateur satellite groups!

    And he also was a very nice guy...

    Yes I do remember quite well too. A man von PA0 made the translation (Chris van Berg?) and the teacher from Kettering, a lot of british humor. Still have the photos!!!

    not too much words - just a photo. With this, I was quite succesfully during L/S-mode on AO-40- made a lot of tests with DJ1KM. In perigee we wkd sometimes with just 400mW out. Adjusted by the attentuator on 144 MHz, checked with EME powermeter - see below