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    Hi Keith

    Thanks for that , so the pluto plus uses the same items as the Adlam pluto , Need to order a relay to finish this of then , Here i was thinking it would be an easy change over , now thinking twice , is it worth this hassle lol ,, Anywhere in UK to get the parts ?.

    How do i find out what software it is running ? .

    Many thanks



    Hi All , I am using a ic9700 with dx patrol up and down converters , and a dx patrol amp (no vox) .. ptt was simple to set up, Now i want to change my setup and free the 9700 from qo 100 ,

    I thought a pluto + would be a good idea, But now ran in to problems , searching the net i can find no help on how to connect the tx from pluto to a dx patrol amp ?.

    Pluto + connected to CN4071 , gives me around 65mw output , all i need now is how send tx signal to the amp .

    Anyone able to give me a dummies guide to the pluto , The old brain is not able to learn new tricks

    thanks in advance

    Richard. de MM1FAS.