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    Dear PA3FYM

    1) What is the meaning of "The wanted RF sideband is filtered with a small ceramic 'WiFi like' block,"

    2) I want to homebrew the Transmitting section. But I want to use a 10m or 6m SSB Radio feeding to the Mixer. Is it possible?

    3) Please share at my email the schematic of Tx section.

    I am at ML88nk and I am able to receive QO-100 with Octagon Oslo to a RTLSDR with homebrew bias-tee.

    Please help me to brew the Tx section.

    73 VU2UUU


    I am VU2UUU Kaustav from India. I have set up dish towards 26E with Octagon Oslo Optima PLL LNB. With the setup, I am able to receive BADR & ARABSAT channels with my set top box.

    I am using a bias-tee with my RTLSDR USB receiver connected to Windows 10 PC and operating SDR# Sharp software. Is thier any particular setup I need for SDR# Software? I am at 10.489 GHz frequency, and do not see any activity at 19:05 UTC 17-Jan-19.

    How to do Vertical or Horizontal in SDR# Software?

    Am I missing something?

    Do I need to use some other software?

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    Best 73.