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    Hello Ed,

    try another HDMI cable and if you have another source of hdmi signal try it. When I connect my encoder box to the computer, the audio line in System status shows audio informations, if I disconnect HDMI cable these informations disappear.

    It is possible that audio does not come throught your cable or audio is not present in your hdmi connector - wrong setup of audio output on your computer.

    It is also possible to test your computer HDMI output with TV to check if audio is present.

    If audio is flowing to the encoder, the encoder must show audio information, I think.

    I did not use possibility to save Pluto's parameters to the flash memory, I have to set every time all parameters of Pluto again. When I turn on the encoder before the Pluto, Pluto changes all box parameters - I use my own setup. It is a good idea to change encoder IP address - thank you Mike G0MJW :)

    P.S.:We already spoken that my friend OM0MS had similar problem, it was solved after extending desktop in windows to the encoder. But it is not your problem, because your desktop is already extended.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU

    Hi Ole,

    I have not the exact values, but I agree with your finding. I am using Zircon L101ECO LNB, there is no need cut original horn - there is open waveguide with lens in original. LNB fits to pipe after small circumferential grinding. I have noticed some degradation of LNB performance with a new extended open waveguide. I have tried use POTY without lens - there is the worst result. With a new 3d printed lens it is by around 3dB better, but not still as LNB in original. Unfortunatelly I have lost original lens, I can not try it.

    For NB is not some small loss so important, most of the signals are very strong, but for WB DATV reception is every dB important, I think.

    I have got another LNB with very long waveguide. There is very interesting lens at the beginning of waveguide. I will try it.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU

    Measurements of one POTY I have made. SWR is about 1,16 at 2,4GHz. The second picture is the same antenna with some dielectric material inserted between patch and reflector. It gave the interesting result.

    I tried to keep the dimensions in a few tenths of mm. But I still had to bend some parts to tune it :-)

    The tube is made of copper, the other parts are of 1mm brass. I didn't have thicker material.

    TNX Harald and Gustavo, nice job and clever solution.

    I am testing script with SDR console 2.3 build 3223. It works perfect. You are a good programmers !! I was thinking about modification of my LNB, now it is not need.

    Many many thanks de Pavel OK1PHU.

    You can try another one: Currently reception of Baofeng UV-3R test beacon. Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+ with rtl-sdr, 60cm dish with L101ECO lnb without mods. Software: openwebrx.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU