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    Hi Ole,

    I have not the exact values, but I agree with your finding. I am using Zircon L101ECO LNB, there is no need cut original horn - there is open waveguide with lens in original. LNB fits to pipe after small circumferential grinding. I have noticed some degradation of LNB performance with a new extended open waveguide. I have tried use POTY without lens - there is the worst result. With a new 3d printed lens it is by around 3dB better, but not still as LNB in original. Unfortunatelly I have lost original lens, I can not try it.

    For NB is not some small loss so important, most of the signals are very strong, but for WB DATV reception is every dB important, I think.

    I have got another LNB with very long waveguide. There is very interesting lens at the beginning of waveguide. I will try it.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU

    Measurements of one POTY I have made. SWR is about 1,16 at 2,4GHz. The second picture is the same antenna with some dielectric material inserted between patch and reflector. It gave the interesting result.

    I tried to keep the dimensions in a few tenths of mm. But I still had to bend some parts to tune it :-)

    The tube is made of copper, the other parts are of 1mm brass. I didn't have thicker material.

    TNX Harald and Gustavo, nice job and clever solution.

    I am testing script with SDR console 2.3 build 3223. It works perfect. You are a good programmers !! I was thinking about modification of my LNB, now it is not need.

    Many many thanks de Pavel OK1PHU.

    You can try another one: Currently reception of Baofeng UV-3R test beacon. Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+ with rtl-sdr, 60cm dish with L101ECO lnb without mods. Software: openwebrx.

    73 de Pavel OK1PHU