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    Hello sat-friends

    I use VQlog since years, FB software for sat qso's. I log on LoTW, EQSL and Clublog, but especially at EQSL i reject a lot of qsl's because people log a sat qso as a simple SSB/CW/... qso, and that is NOT the same. You need to log as SAT qso,

    About using remote controlled stations...everyone wants antennes on top off a hill to get most out of the station especially on higher frequencies. In my eyes, a qso should be made from the same location(rx/tx), using remote stations is just fooling yourself but that's peoples own choice.

    I just use web-sdr for testing my own stations, and if i can't hear a station with my setup then it's a pitty so i know i have to improve.

    About DXCC on QO-100, some countries don't have access on 13cm, but how do we have to know this? Is there a list available? Making qso's with illegal stations is a waste of time.

    73's Jerry

    You can receive the beacon with only an lnb, this way you can find the direction of the sat, and fine tune the dish afterwards. I don't use compass for searching mostly, just elevate the dish at 26° and turn around between E and S. Easy to find it.

    73's Jerry

    OK, strange, I have good results with these converters. Measured the output voltage 'unloaded' first (check!) , connected my amplifier (check!), it worked (and still works!) flawlessly and could discard my seperate 28V power supply.

    Ok Remco, the output-elco's on mine are rated 35V 1nF, also on yours?

    Maybe i just have 2 bad ones,hi.

    Heiner, tnx for info, but i do it this way for easy use on 12v when using /p, and i need only 3A on 28v; 24V is a little too less.

    73's Jerry

    I bought two of these (2.30 U$ each incl. shipping).

    I bought 2 of these like Remco, and on each of them without load, (only 14.1V input) 1 off the 2 elco's on the output were blown, which results in a 5cm hole in the plastic case cover. How could that happen? The same elco on each board. Gonna try to find out what the problem is first. It was for driving the amplifier in my PE1CMO box.

    73's Jerry

    Hi Kurt,

    I use DK2FD ampli's on different bands, as from PE1RKI and DG0VE(SK).

    DX-patrol is going to bring a 20w out for Eshail i have heard. And on Hamradio Friedr i think there will be a lot...



    Ok, i didn't express me well. I don't compare them, it's just a thought. For jumpers i use Aircell7 inside and outside, and the sucoflex,or RG142 types jumpers is just what i have in the box here, and is used on the dishes They are expensive,yes, but i meant to use smaller diameter coax to make it more flexible. depends on how much someone wants to spent his money for. Sorry for the misunderstanding.



    Ecoflex15 inside the house is overkill i think. Better use some Aircell 7 or Rg142 types, easier to use for short runs. I use that too, even thinner ones.And to the dish, you can even use Ecoflex10, that gives you almost 3dB loss on 2.4GHz. You will see with max 5w on a 1m dish,ur signal will be more then 20dB above the transponder noise. At my setup, 95cm offset, i use 1.50m Sucoflex-104 (so 0.5dB loss) between transverterbox and feed.


    Hoi Andreas,

    i also was one of the first who got the CMO-box. Very nice thing to have, end less cables to be used compared to my other setups. Only used it in simplex mode, not having any problem yet. I have no problem on working simplex, because with my 'normal' setup i cannot hear myself neither. FT-817 in SPLIT mode with front-bnc conn for uplink 144 IF via transverter+ rear-N conn for dwnlink 439 via modified octagon board.

    Also FT847 is used in duplex mode, but pff. The FT817 method or CMO-box is preferred here.


    Wolfgang, i use the same type of octagon, but only the board, i cut off the horn. It is modified for external ref input 25,......Mc to lock on GPS. I cutted one of the 2 F-conn tracks on the board, and with a dc blocking cap the ref sig is going in, workes FB. Also using Bodnar dual gpsdo with 10mhz and between 25-26mhz outputs. Look for G4JNT mods on lnb.


    Hello Mark, try to change the freq by 1Hz maybe, anothers tried the same and that worked. AND a LPF on the output is used here because the outputs are not clean sinwave, so i made a small 10MHZ LPF, will make some for 25/27 also for the second output.


    I found the Avengers today in the Netherlands on a hamfest for 7€, they are identical to the songle octagons with 27MC. I will check if i can find his details, he was a French guy.