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    Ecoflex15 inside the house is overkill i think. Better use some Aircell 7 or Rg142 types, easier to use for short runs. I use that too, even thinner ones.And to the dish, you can even use Ecoflex10, that gives you almost 3dB loss on 2.4GHz. You will see with max 5w on a 1m dish,ur signal will be more then 20dB above the transponder noise. At my setup, 95cm offset, i use 1.50m Sucoflex-104 (so 0.5dB loss) between transverterbox and feed.


    Hoi Andreas,

    i also was one of the first who got the CMO-box. Very nice thing to have, end less cables to be used compared to my other setups. Only used it in simplex mode, not having any problem yet. I have no problem on working simplex, because with my 'normal' setup i cannot hear myself neither. FT-817 in SPLIT mode with front-bnc conn for uplink 144 IF via transverter+ rear-N conn for dwnlink 439 via modified octagon board.

    Also FT847 is used in duplex mode, but pff. The FT817 method or CMO-box is preferred here.


    Wolfgang, i use the same type of octagon, but only the board, i cut off the horn. It is modified for external ref input 25,......Mc to lock on GPS. I cutted one of the 2 F-conn tracks on the board, and with a dc blocking cap the ref sig is going in, workes FB. Also using Bodnar dual gpsdo with 10mhz and between 25-26mhz outputs. Look for G4JNT mods on lnb.


    Hello Mark, try to change the freq by 1Hz maybe, anothers tried the same and that worked. AND a LPF on the output is used here because the outputs are not clean sinwave, so i made a small 10MHZ LPF, will make some for 25/27 also for the second output.


    I found the Avengers today in the Netherlands on a hamfest for 7€, they are identical to the songle octagons with 27MC. I will check if i can find his details, he was a French guy.


    Today i was in Rosmalen - Netherlands, on a hamfest; there was a French guy who was selling the Avengers -PLL lnb's for 7€ which he had plenty off ,so i bought some which are identical to the single octagons with 27Mc, i found also the SR-320 but need to check the inside later, price was the same.

    Yesterday eve we did some measurements on the gpsdo's, Leo Bodnar dual output and G3RUH model, output wasn't clean enough, but with extra 10MHz LPF it was ok.So i need to make an LPF for 25 and 27 for the other output also.


    Maybe you could try only a patch for the uplink, like i did 2weeks ago. Works ok with +-10w on to the patch. It was mounted on top of a 30cm small offset dish (from a camping set) for the receive.

    Mine is a G3RUH patch.


    Thanks Michael, i think if you inject 27.84184701 you are on 435,

    27.8501547 should be 432 if i'm correct. It's nice to see the kHz on the 70cm are identical to that of the dwnlink, hihi. I didn't try these 2 freq yet to see what i got, but i wil after the coming weekend.

    S59MZ, nice to see how you put the coax thru,i gonna try this just to see how easy it is, but i prefer the F, i have no interests in WB 'yet'.


    Hello Mike5000

    i use the dual output gpsdo for years now, and it works FB for me. 2 different output sigs are possible, independent programmed. For example, 1 output locks 3 transverters simultaneously on 10MHz with a 4 way output splitter,the second output gives me 25.7.....MHz to lock the lnb for rx on 439MHz. I also have a G3RUH GPSDO with 1 10MHz output to a 4*10MHz splitter.


    Hello all,

    still experimenting on equipement, but this is what i'm using since a week now:

    TX: Kuhne transverter with 2m IF and an amplifier , 2W(or max 4W,depending on used dish) at feed into a dualband feed on 95cm offset; or 60cm prime with G3RUH patch or 3.75t helix.

    RX: octagon pll lnb into 30cm!!!! small camping dish, to IF 439MHz. FT-847 will be used in SAT-mode and NORMAL tracking, so allways on right freq shift. All is GPS locked.

    transponder noise +-12db above local

    Will put some more info on my test later.



    i wil check it tomorrow evening, when i have time, on the SDR. Station is closed at the moment for today. I was using RTL SDR at first, but since i modified the octagon for IF 439MHz, i use FT847 for rx, whereas the noise level is S7-8 on the transceiver when using the small 30cm dish.I just switch on the ATT on the radio. One of these days i gonna try a variabel attenuator btween the biasT and the radio. With only the LNB(without dish) for rx, not yet the level, just by ear,hihi.

    73's Jerry

    I did some test today with a small 30cm dish, from a camping-set, even with only de Octagon pointed to the sat, i copy everything. Location is NE Belgium. Octagon is locked on +-25.7MHz to 439 MHz out.



    I read on another forum that this helix from Winkler isn't worth the money to spent for, return loss (SWR) should only be +-4dB and circularity looks very bad. So test it first before you use it.


    Some tests today. EB high beacon received with 22dB S/N. Equipment used: Dual mode contest LNB with Octagon PLL print connected to it. I use the board to test it with different feeds on sat TV receive for optimal postion on different dishes. Second beacon receive test with modified TVRO LNB( made waveguide 20mm and sma at 1/4L from closed end, 3rd LNB test was done with Otagon single pll LNB out of box(not locked). SDR rtl dongle with HDSDR. For some reason,at the low EB beacon my noiselevel is quite high, so no copy at the moment. Dish is Triax 95*85cm. I will do some tests with other dishes