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    Thanks Roland & Remco for capturing the QSO, it was a first for me. Gerry DF8JO and I were joined latter by Paul M0EYT - very interesting visuals. Both Gerry & Paul were running EasyPal DRM software, my end is homebrew Scriber software running on a PIC microcontroller. 73's .......Graham G8HAJ

    Thanks Remco, I really should have thought of that, the correct 23cm eme RX sense was determined by experiment (I made both senses and listened), thus EME RX was found to be a left hand thread wind of the backfire = LHCP. Rather looks like I got the sense for Es'hail (RHCP TX required) wrong in the pictures, I will up date the page tomorrow along with some measured data on the feed. many thanks ....Graham , G8HAJ

    Good Morning all, I've just joined the Forum and thought I'd post a link to my Backfire Helix feed for Es'hail > Es'hail Backfire Feed

    The Backfire helix has received very little attention, yet it is well suited for use on prime focus dishes with 0.3 to 0.4 f/D's giving excellent illumination efficiency , low blockage and simple construction . Unlike the more common forward fire helix, they function without a reflector and naturally give a wide illumination cone with a sharp cutoff.

    73's ....Graham G8HAJ