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    Hello Sandor,

    I am following the subject since a long time.

    As Dominique says, the muxer/demuxer "mpeg-ts" we all use for DATV is not ready to carry AV1 streams. I have seen that the specs for it have been finalized, so waiting for the developpers to do the job and have it available (in ffmpeg and in VLC).

    I made some tests to evaluate the AV1 codec. For example the well known "Bunny" cartoon under H264 codec, size 270MB is now 76MB under AV1 codec.

    Interesting subject to minimize the print of our transmissions on limited bandwith systems...

    73 - Christian

    The "father" of all Minitiouners is Jean-Pierre F6DZP. He has designed the schematics of the Minitiouner and developed the Minitioune software. He should release soon a new version that takes into account the requirements for easy operation with
    QO-100. Visit his site (forum) : If you register, you can download the new Minitioune version when available, and also make your comments. There is an English section. See also this page : You can see the installed base of Minitioune around the world (for those who have filled in the Minitioune.ini file the OM_ID (call) and Forumpassword (the password you use after having registerd to the site. Hope this helps

    @Heiner : LNB port B by default is an option that is not (yet) implemented. You can ask F6DZP if he would add this option, if for you it is a must have ?

    73 - Christian