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    Thank you very much for the detailed reply. That looks promising. The maximum output of my LimeSDR Mini is 8-10dBm and the output of my first stage amplifier (Analog Devices CN0417) is around 27dBm, so I can easily get the 25-30W based on your table by feeding it with 15-20dBm.

    Right now I am using a Chinese amplifier (EP-AB003 WiFi booster) which is rated for 8W but actually gives me 3W (35dBm) and I'm not happy with the result.

    For now I would like to operate in NB, but WB is my next step.

    DM5RM I have ordered MMBX and AFI adapters to test the amplifier. Is it safe to put it to use without any modifications?

    I don't want to get the maximum power. Even 20-25W is more than enough for me, but I don't know whether it would cause problems for the amp (because of high VSWR or bias issues or mismatch)

    I am not experienced with microwave modifications, so I would prefer not to modify and I read in this thread that you'd already managed to run it without mods. Any tips to share?


    What's the name of the push-on connectors on these Nokia PA boards?

    I've ordered 2 different models of these PAs from eBay (one with BLD6G22L-150BN and one BLF7G22L-130N), but I don't know which exact cable/adapter I will need. Based on pictures, it seems like MMBX, right?