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    I think i am receiving something from the Beacon but not a solid solid signal, I switched to horizontal by applying 18V and also turning the LNB 90 degree but no change in the signal. I also notice "No lock" when I click on MODCODES .

    Any help will be appreciated , 73 Nitin VU3TYG

    Hi Markro92,

    Thanks for the new version, Yes you are right Nesdr smart from Nooelec. Please share how I can donate to help you in this project. Post installing the latest version below is what I see " PLL not locked" but the nesdr device is opened.

    73 Nitin VU3TYG

    Thank you all for the suggestions and pointers. I am in south India and none of satellites at 23/24/25 have beams covering my location. Even MENA covers only North India. MY friend in New Delhi which is in north India VU2UUU will be trying Badr and Arabsat 5A.

    Thanks Frank for the update, I will continue to listen, with great difficulty I was able to order a PLL LNB in India as most of those available in India are DRO and the amazons and other vendors in DL / UK do not ship to India. Also I am not sure if the beacon from ES2 has a beam for south east asia. I fully understand that AMSAT DL is under a NDA and will wait for information of Es2 to be available under the public domain. My location is below the equator and none of the satellites at 25/26 E have a beam covering south east asia.


    Nitin [VU3TYG]

    Hello All,

    I have setup with a 80 Cms dish and a PLL LNB + Airspy SDR. The dish is pointing at 261 degree west of my location MK83TB with elevation of 27.7 . Tried listening to both the EB frequencies on V * H polorization, I could get a beacon at 11.205.945 but not sure if this is ES2 .

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    Nitin VU3TYG]