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    I have got rather used to sdrplay now, I quite like sdr-console but I've got into the sdrplay way of doing things.

    I run omnirig with sdrplay to control a flex1500 on another PC which appears as a TS2000 - but it could be a standard rig of any type.

    It is pretty simple to set up.

    Download omnirig and install - it is very painless, just a couple of clicks.

    Run omnirig and enter the rig type, com port and speed on the rig1 tab to match your rig.

    Then on the vrx receiver, choose settings and go to the omni tab and set rig 1 and then what you want to sync to what.

    I set VRX>rig and rig<VRX. I also set the offset on the sdrplay so that the frequency on the VRX matched the frequency on the rig.

    So If i click on a signal on the SDR play, the transceiver changes to that frequency, Likewise if I move the tuning dial on my flex it moves the sdrplay frequency to match.

    The only one drawback is that if you have RIG>VRX set so you can use the tuning dial on the rig, during TX the SDR if is attenuated by 60dB - so you can still see your signal in the SP1 waterfall, but the audio is suppressed.

    Back again now- over two stations were in QSO that were about beacon level - this time playing two alternating tones at Beacon +9dB. I think we need to bring in Leila to stop the self appointed police causing more problems than they solve.

    To be honest I think it was deliberate Jamming. It was centred on the Italian station that was 6dB over the beacon and splattering over 10Khz. It started with 'beeps' every two seconds over the Italian station when he went over the beacon level , when that was ignored the sweeping signal started.

    The timing appears to lock it fluctuates between 1999.xx to 2000.xx - I get the circle but it seems to fade out and in at about 1Hz. The carrier recovery seems to look ok - but the buffers quickly rise to 8000.

    When it worked the sync_confidence started going up and the buffers looked pretty static. I just don't seem to be able to repeat it.

    This is all on the Beacon with a GPDO locked PLL.

    For the Mod I would use de soldering braid to lift one of the F connector pins off the board and add some insulation underneath it.

    Carefully remove the crystal to leave the pads intact. With the single crystal for 2 channel type LNB's its a bit tricky so you may have to try connecting the isloated F pin to one then the other crystal pad via a 10nf capacitor and see which one works. When you've found the right pad then add a 100 ohm or similar resistor from the f pin/10nf junction to a convenient earth point.

    I ordered an upconverter on the 21 March and haven't heard anything either. I emailed Friday to ask about delivery but no reply yet.

    If it's possible to get a reasonable MOQ - I think it is a good idea. As it would be a low cost/effort introduction to satellites I think it would help to show a lot of the newer hams some of the things that can be done with amateur radio.