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    I agree. I just wanted to point out, that even with a cumbersome antenna, you will have good results with a dish that diameter. My first antenna was the 4 element yagi pointing into the dish , the 2nd was a linear polarised patch feed without waveguide for the lnb and the one i'm using now is a poty . Learning by doing, improving over time. It is more important to have a clean signal, may it be not so strong. The LEILA triggering signals are for later, and even those are clean, if you overdrive NONE of your gear......



    P.S. : I don't encourage anyone to trigger LEILA.

    Hi Martin,

    yes, we should not overpower.

    Looking at the transmit side for the narrowband transponder a smaller dish is clearly enough.

    The big benefit of such a large dish is on the receive side especially for the wideband transponder and for transmitting
    DATV signals.

    See you soon on QO-100.

    Kind regards


    Hi Ronni,

    a 1.5m PFD is a nice dish. Go for it. You will then also have a good basis for receiving and eventually transmitting DATV signals via QO-100.

    I am using a 1.8m PFD (old Kathrein dish which I refurbished). My dish is quite deep (f/D=0.29) and therefore a POTY feed is fits well. I do not use a lens in front of the 10GHz waveguide, just leave it open.

    Do you know what the f/D of your dish is?

    Most PFD dishes are between 0.3 and 0.4 and a POTY feed will then still serve you well.

    On my website you can find some information about my setup incl. the feed-holder I built.

    If you do not find it plase send me an Email and I will give you more details.

    I kindly disagree with Martin: if you setup a 1.5m dish you should try to get out the optimum of it. Otherwise it is a waste of
    time and material ...

    Kind regards


    Hi Rudi,

    Nico PA0DLO, who is quite experienced in tracking and identifying satellites, thinks that

    CAS 5A is object 54684 (2022-167C).

    This might change over time but presently those keps seem to match best.

    Try these keps:

    1 54684U 22167C 22343.84789909 .00012645 00000-0 80776-3 0 9992

    2 54684 97.5368 118.8404 0014186 263.7133 96.2527 15.08701216 88

    Kind regards


    Hello Jean,

    thank you for your answer.

    No, I was referreing to the board with the BLC9G27XS-380AVT transistors.

    Kind regards


    Hallo DL8YF,

    also meine Rechnung sieht anders aus:

    Downconv 286 Euro

    Upconverter 214 Euro

    Gehäuse Surplus/Flohmarkt selbst angepasst 20 Euro

    Kleinteile 40 Euro

    Isolator 30 Euro (damit ist der Sendezug incl. Endstufe auch bei nicht angeschlossener Antenne oder Kurzschluss 100% geschützt)

    Damit komme ich also dann auf Kosten von 590 Euro und wenn man gerne bastelt hat man viel Spass beim Aufbau.

    Es gibt sehr viele OMs die über QO-100 mit den AMSAT-DL Komponenten qrv sind, incl. DP0GVN in der Antarktis
    mit sehr guten Signalen. Ich selbst nutze sich auch in meinem Portabelsetup. Der Downconverter hat in der Tat
    recht viel Verstärkung um auch längere Kabelstrecken überbrücken zu können. Wenn das jemnd zu viel ist dann
    reicht ein kleines Dämpfungsglied aus 3 Widerständen und Du kannst das entsprechend an Deinen Transceiver
    anpassen. Ein passendes kommerzielles Dämpfungsglied kostet gebraucht ca. 15 Euro.

    Du hast es aber richtig gemacht, wenn Du mit den Kompoenten nicht klar kommst dann nicht ewig ärgern sondern
    etwas fertiges kaufen und sich daran freuen.

    ... suum cuique ...

    Viele Grüße



    well, we have to acknowledge that not all radio amateurs are able to actively contribute to science and society. This may be due to a lack of technical knowledge or a lack of free time besides the daytime job.

    For such people there is still the option to support organizations like AMSAT by money (by membership fees or by donations) and thus enable those organizations to forster contributions to science and society.

    But for sure there are also quite some, who do not contribute anything but only benefit from the knowhow, time and money others are spending. As long as they value what they are enjoying it is fine for me but those who are only complaining without contributing are a real PITA.

    Kind regards



    A SDR based system must use the capabilities of software based solutions in order to do things that can not be done or is very complicated to do with hardware. All of us try to replicate hardware solutions into the software solutions and not think what new features can be implemented.

    Good point George, but you still have to be compliant with the regulations in your country and according to your license.