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    Thanks for your comments David, sorry I have been a few days in replying.

    Can I ask why you picked 1263 as an uplink frequency. With the SG-lab transverter I can get 1266 to 1268 easily enough, but it looks like 1263 is impossible.

    Yes I do have an interest in telemetry and have been downloading data from all 3 Fox satellites and soon , of course next month when the Falcon 9 launches hopefully Fox 1 Cliff as well.

    My email address is ross.biggar@outlook .com

    I would like to hear from you.



    Yes thanks, my mistake, but that is why I need a transverter to give me the 1267 uplink. Without the uplink I cannot turn on the downlink telemetry on 145.880 for AO-92 when it has been commanded to a 23cm uplink and not the normal 70cm uplink.

    Alternatively does anyone have any suggestion to get a suitable 23cm uplink?

    If it was EME that would be easy, as there are lots of transverters for 23cm EME.

    Also what suggestions are there for suitable antennas for the 23cm satellite uplink frequency.



    I am interested in working and receiving the telemetry from satellites on 23cm, to do that I will need a transverter.

    Can someone please give me details of where I can purchase a suitable transverter and hopefully some idea of cost.

    (Unfortunately most 23cm transverters are set up for EME, not satellites. I dont want to have to go back to a rasberry pi or similar, as I am using a Flexradio 6600 and transverters for telemetry on 2m and 70cm.)

    Thanks and best wishes the forum is a good idea.