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    Good evening to all, in my opinion, it would be better to decide the Frequencies of <QO-100>, to the Ground Station and to the Managers of <AMSAT-DL>, in my opinion they are the only ones that together can assign a SPECIFIC AID frequency to be used in case you need to use a RADIO connection via SATELLITE.

    By doing so, they would make it OFFICIAL for everyone.

    When we talk about RESCUE, of any kind, and FUNDAMENTAL give PRECISE DIRECTIVES, if possible previously planned.

    Certainly there must also be the desire to keep the CALLING Frequency ON and LISTEN, especially when (as in this case) natural events of large proportions occur, from which I can be born BIG CRITICALITY.

    To know, AND TO KNOW that in any case there is ALWAYS someone, in case of need, IS FUNDAMENTAL ....

    Not for nothing our AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE is ABOVE ALL known for THIS. !!!

    This is simply my thought ...

    I always follow you all, with INTEREST ...

    73 ALL



    Greetings to everyone ,

    It is OK to check the POWER !! , but we DO NOT FORGET QUALITY.

    Very often, we listen to KNOWN stations, and of great experience, transmit in voice without any control, in the output volumes, out of frequency (tolerable) and above all with excessive distortion.

    Of course the SATELLITE is very useful for experimenting, I did it myself, I do tests continuously, (BUT I AM ONLY TESTING), in the normal way I try to transmit in the best way and form possible, I think it is the first sign of EDUCATION, towards the station who listens, so they taught me ...

    I always read you with so much INTEREST and ESTIMATE !!

    BEST 73 ..



    Ciao " OZZY " è con TANTO PIACERE che ti leggo qui sul forum, non vedo l'ora di ascoltarti via <QO-100> SATELLITE.

    È passato molto tempo da quando ti ho ascoltato sui satelliti <LEO>, spero di sentirti di nuovo presto per un nuovo qso ...

    Un satellite dalle prestazioni molto elevate in cui è possibile realizzare splendidi QSO è il <CAS-4A o B> con un'eccellente qualità del suono e orbite molto favorevoli per la propria zona.

    A presto tramite <OSCAR -100> e GRAZIE per questa opportunità

    73 CIAO


    IZ5ILX -.-