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    Hi All,

    As a quick update, I seem to be making some progress now, I have managed with my Triax 1.1m dish (and a Technomate Satellite DVB-S box) to align to Astra 19E and fully decode FTA TV. I then moved slightly East and can now lock to Badr3/4 and am receiving signals ok.

    the issues i appear to have had, first, the elevation calibration on the back of the Triax dish is easily 8-10 degrees out, and for whatever reason the compass apps i have used were also not accurate..!

    Now I'm locked to Badr3/4 a couple of questions:

    - would i be able to receive Es'hail Sat 2 from this position ? (with 1.1m dish)

    - second, in the current position, what would be the manual settings to enter into the Sat DVB-S box to lock to the Es'hail Sat 2 wide band transponder TV beacon - and i can see it this receivable...?

    Many thanks again for any tips / help here...!

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks again..!

    Yes, i do have a confirmed 12v supply to the DX-Patrol controller (injector) - and when i disconnect the RF input to the Airspy, the noise level does drop by around 25db (at 739MHz) - interesting though, when i tune up the band to around 850-900MHz the LNB noise levels increase massively, I'm assuming that's the TV IF's coming through..?

    Hi Achim - many thanks for your tip here..!

    I have now set the SDR# max gain for the LNB. I also aligned to the bearing in need for QO-100. I checked the noise floor level and shading of the waterfall - I covered the LNB face with my hand - and released. I could see no discernible change in the noise level or the color grading of the waterfall...

    Can you clarify how i could improve this situation..? would in need to consider another LNB..or perhaps raising the dish higher above ground (even though I have a good view at ground level) ?

    Does this mean I'm not able to receive the satellite transponder..?

    Appreciate your input here..!

    Many thanks everyone for your help and tips here..!

    Unfortunately, I've not had a lot of luck so setup is DX-Patrol LNB and controller, Leo-Bodnar GPSDO reference, 1.1m Triax Dish and Airspy R1 SDR for the receiver, with SMA cables and F-Type patch leads

    I have the directional info from the links you have given me, heading 148.5 degrees and elevation of 26.5 degrees, and -19 skew.

    I'm pretty happy i have the heading correct, I have 148 degrees on the arm of the LNB feed, and i have that from multiple sources, I can only go on whats on the back of the dish for elevation - and the mount on there is not the easiest to move...

    Looking at SDR# - I have the screen at 1MHz width, I'm centered on 739.550MHz for the low band beacon, looking for the rise in background noise of the transponder... No matter where I point the dish, up down - left and right, absolutely change to spectrum display, same flat noise level.

    I have a SatFinder app on my phone, and i can see the satellite with an unrestricted view.

    I'm trying to figure out where to look first...? short of starting to replace items (cables should be straight-forward) I'm not sure.

    I am thinking about getting a TV Sat installer to align the dish and see if he can see the ES'hail-2 DVB-S beacon on a signal meter, that would at least prove alignment of the dish, before i start looking at the individual components.

    I've also considered buying a sat signal meter, but slightly cautious as they have an indicated frequency range from 900MHz, and ideally in need to reach to 739MHz..

    Any tips or pointers (!) would be appreciated...!

    73's / G0TKZ

    After very enjoyable meetings and discussions at HAMRADIO, Friedrichshafen, I am now ready to setup my ground station. I have 1.1m Triax dish for receive, which i believe should give me good receive performance.

    I have checked on BATC web site for antenna elevation and bearings - I have also an app on my phone which gives me bearing and elevation information too. My question is, how accurate does your dish alignment need to be...? from calculations, my bearing is 148.3 degrees and an elevation of 26.6 degrees - how much tolerance will i have here ? is it just a case of finding the sat and fine tuning for peak signal...?

    Many thanks...

    de G0TKZ

    Hello Everyone..!
    I am thinking about a lightweight / portable / fly-away setup for up-link station for Es'hail Sat 2, and I was researching two different antenna for this possibility. One possible solution was the 40 turn 13cm Helix from with up-to 16db gain and the other was WiFi 2.4GHz "Grill-Antenna" with up-to 24db gain. I appreciate the WiFi Grill antenna is fixed at Linear polarization - but would be interested to know your thoughts on either antenna for this portable NarrowBand station, and whether they would support NB up-link connection...?

    Many thanks...