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    • Reception frequency: 10489.500 to 10490.000MHz;

    • Transmission Frequency: 2400.000 to 2400.500 MHz;

    • IF TX and RX Frequency: 28,500 to 29,000 / 50,500 to 51,000/ 70,000 to 70,500/ 144,500 to 145,000/ 432,500 to 433,000/ 1296,500 to 1297,000 Mhz;
    • GPS Lock internal 10MHz reference;
    • Transverter stage output up to 100mW;
    • Maximum Output RF Power 10 W @2.4 GHz based on NXP MHR1008NT1;
    • Factory set input power 500 mW for VOX operation;
    • Maximum input RF 5W (1W optimum drive);
    • Auto TX and RX by VOX PTT ( optional PTT RCA connector on back panel)
    • External 10Mhz reference Output.
    • Supply voltage 12V to 14V;
    • Thermal alarm > 60º C;
    • SWR protection and alarm> 1:3;
    • High voltage input alarm;
    • Power output bar and Watt indication;
    • SWR bar and ratio indication;
    • Current consumption indication and alarm
    • Internal 5A fuse protection;
    • LNB Phantom Power PTC protection (bias-T)
    • NMEA GPS indication;
    • Number of GPS satellites in range;
    • GPS coordinates;
    • QTH Locator presentation on screen;
    • UTC clock and date;
    • Wireless Firmware upgrade

    A great feat of engineering. Would it be time to change the forum topic and add DX Patrol to the QO-100 WIKI ??..

    Vy 73 DK2AT Dieter

    DX PATROLL "QO-100 GROUNDSTATION " with fill duplex

    Hello Tony CT1FFU ,

    Thanks for the information .

    The QO-100 ground station with full duplex was announced in the AMSAT-DL forum.

    When will this version be available and what would the price be ?

    Re: Tony CT1FFU

    Helloyes, we have the FD just about to relist on sale
    we now working on the manual.

    This weekend might be available for sale