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    Thanks a TON Jerry - the 1Hz did the trick. Changed to 1000001 GPS reference and the signal shifted up a little - and is stable as a rock. I would have NEVER tried this on my own - how the hell does that make sense ? If i only asked that question before, ruined my Green LNB when trying to change the caps again and again.


    I am using the Leo Bodnar dual GPSDO on a Pluto SDR and prepared two different LNBs for external oscillators,
    Octagon green quad and GoldenMedia from Pollin.
    Output 1 from GPSDO is set to 25MHz, Output 2 to 40MHz by using the following PLL parameters :

    My SDR shows stable peaks on 25 and 40Mhz.
    When tuning to the cw beacon on QO100, it seems that the signal is oscillating.

    I connected the GPSDO directly ( 50cm cable ) to the LNB and tried my RTL SDR - same result.
    Both LNBs behave this way.
    Does anyone have an idea about this ?