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    Hi guys.

    Today my narrowband rx was not working anymore. After a lot of investigation I found that my minitiouner was the culprit.

    My nb sdr lnb port is getting 12v from the same power supply as the minitiouner. As soon as I disconnected the minitiouner the reception came back.

    I measured the 12v line and noticed that there where some nice spikes and ripples of a couple khz. And this of course switched my narrowband lnb to high band.

    The capacitors in the minitiouner seem to be bad and have to be replaced.

    Just a heads up.

    73 Jan.

    Hi Guys.

    I bought a wimo cross yagi for 70cm on a local flea market (for 20euro). And I was looking at the manual on how to get it to do RHCP. Can someone confirm that wimo has it wrong with there phasing harness and that it is actually LHCP.

    They hook the front dipole with a 90 +125 degree phase line. ( 125 degree spacing between H and v).

    73 jan.

    Hi Guys,

    I tried to modify the 8watt version today. With the constant tx mod and about 350mW input i only managed to get 29dbm out. I took out both diode switches and now i'm up to 30dbm with 200mW drive. It's pulling 1.4 amp in tx and 350mA in standby.

    Any idea where the power is going ?

    73 Jan