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    Ok guys, let's specify that if we write about these memories it is not for nostalgia. Or maybe yes? ;)

    Telemetry transmitted on RTTY by Oscar-10 on August 21, 1985. Two blocks of telemetry. The left block with the satellite in eclipse, the one on the right after the eclipse. Note the temperatures in particular. Decoding program written by me for Apple][ and home built decoder. You didn't find anything ready, you had to make it at home, even the coffee. :)

    I confirm, at the time I think I took something from Karl DJ4ZC for my Basic program written for Olivetti M10. But with the Basic we were already in the modern era compared to the Oscar Locator. ;)

    Little memory available, not a single byte was wasted.

    When a PC had not yet entered our homes, how did you track a satellite? ;)

    Patiently, we waited for W1AW's RTTY bulletin on HF which broadcast among other things the daily equator crossing of the few satellites of our interest. Only one data per day for each satellite. Then we calculated by hand the subsequent orbits that applied to this stuff here.

    It worked fine and we never lost a satellite.

    Later in my house (late 70s) the first Apple ][ arrived and the new era began.

    Good times ... and you learned a lot.

    The IZ8BLY P3D (AO40) Decoder program by Nino Porcino Vers. 0.5 - 9 dec 2000 works correctly here with Win 10 Vers. 2004.

    Equally well works AO40RCV vers. 2.04.

    Naturally the two programs are able to receive the blocks of messages in pure text K, L, M, N.

    No telemetry data is currently available for QO-100

    new firmware available 20201013

    For this hardware "SAA-2N" the firmware to load is 4 "   " V2.74 "from blackmagic

    Changes since last production release:

    • First production release for V2 Plus4
    • Increased save slots to 7
    • Increased maximum sweep points over USB for plus4 to 65536
    • Add CALIBRATE > RESET ALL to completely reset current view
    • AGC bugfixes

    As for previous versions, a new calibration is required after the firmware update, now there are seven slots to save.

    In addition, touch screen calibration is also required


    However, when I play with cursors, it occasionally hangs up.

    I will try to update FW which I understand also gets M0 configuration on power on.

    hi Zvi, welcome to the club. ;)

    Unfortunately, the metal case is not very accurate and the three navigation keys may not be free to move. Make sure they are free to move inside the holes.

    For the firmware I corrected the link since in the meantime they had moved the files to another location.

    For this hardware version the firmware to load is this: "V2.74" from blackmagic

    With the SG-LAB transverter there is a very simple way to check the correct frequency set in the local oscillator.

    How to understand what is the current LO frequency:

    After switching power ON, input LED lights up in Red for 3 sec.

    If you switch ON and hold PTT during this time, you can hear on CW, on 432.000 MHZ what are current LO frequencies - RX and TX.


    Hi Bill,

    forgive me but your photos are too small and do not show the whole. Really, it's hard to give you good advice.

    Is the PTT connected correctly? Are you using the VOX-RF / PTT?

    It is really impossible not to listen to yourself on the satellite with that configuration which is the same as I have. To reduce the power, which is definitely excessive, I have to power the PA at 12 Volts otherwise they ban me from the satellite. ;)


    I will try to place an order for the standard AD ADALM Pluto rig - anybody can recommend the right place ?

    Karen, for the Russian Federation I don't know which is the best place to buy Adalm-Pluto.

    For us in Italy the best combined price and the fastest delivery service can be found on Mouser or Digikey.

    Regarding the clone we need to understand what happened. In fact, they have disappeared from all Chinese or non-Chinese sites.

    I have updated my SAA-2N with the latest firmware available vers. 20200926. The correct version to use with this hardware is this: (4 "" V2.74 "from blackmagic)

    Beware of your NanoVNA V2 hardware. Different hardware requires different firmware.

    Also with this version, once updated, the device must be calibrated again, including the touch screen. Use the navigation keys to move around the menu. Once calibrated, the configuration must be saved otherwise everything will be lost once the device is turned off. With this new firmware version, when powered on, the Nano VNA automatically loads the calibration saved in position C0.

    Hi Andreas,

    in fact, after the firmware update, everything needs to be calibrated again, including the touch screen. This you do easily only by the three navigation buttons ignoring the touch screen until the correct calibration.

    Regarding the versions of the Firmware and related hardware, our Chinese friends have taken a wrong path in my opinion. They know this and we hope they find the right path as soon as possible. For us buyers, users, but also for their sellers.

    It is not possible to release a version of NanoVNA V2.X every two months by changing only three passive components enough to justify a new version with a different firmware. This is not the way.

    As for your model which should be the same as mine I am testing the latest firmware version available and if it has no problems I will report it in this thread.…are/releases/tag/20200926

    Sorry Dear Lucio, I don't want to cause more headache on you, keep calm.


    I want to emphasis that I would say exactly the same if it would have been a German company violating the rules, no doubt..


    73s Peter

    Hi Peter, he never had the slightest doubt about this and your good faith. I cannot say the same for other subjects who raise the red-blue pencil only when it concerns the behavior of others.

    For the rest I endorse everything you said about it and thank you for doing it.

    Let me clarify that with D-Orbit I have nothing to do except the national flag which has certainly influenced my reaction.

    For the rest, this is their answer and some further information on this mission.

    Hi Peter, I had premised that when I talk about these things I get a headache. Certainly "D-Orbit, is an commercial satellite (platform) that carries 12 commercial CubeSat's from Planet to be deliver to orbit by them." But D-Orbit is not the only company that operates in this way and above all it is not the first. Even NASA and ESA have put satellites into orbit using amateur radio frequencies. The same universities that put microsatellites into orbit often buy them as kits from commercial companies. Universities often work closely with commercial companies. You will remember that even Pacsats were sold in some form of Kit. The boundary is blurred, sometimes it is difficult to separate the didactic purpose from the commercial activities. Then, what I am trying to say is none other than what IARU itself claims.

    I transcribe faithfully ... copy and paste.

    "Ultimately, the decision of whether the proposed operation is appropriate for the amateur-satellite service rests with your country's administration (your national telecommunication regulator). Therefore, before sending your frequency coordination request to IARU, we suggest that you consult with your administration to determine whether the amateur-satellite service or another radiocommunication service is appropriate for your operation. "

    What I meant in the previous message is this:

    The radio spectrum, the distribution of frequencies is the exclusive responsibility of the individual states. We may like it or not and we Italians are not particularly happy with this but ...

    This is the official situation in Italy. It is written in Italian but it should be understood. Where there are only radio amateurs that portion of the spectrum is in exclusive use. Where there are other items in the single portion then we are in cohabitation with other services.

    It is not the IARU or the single IARU delegate that can change these facts, therefore their refusal, however granted to others, is (in my opinion) devoid of any value.

    Be patient but when it comes to bureaucracy regarding our amateur radio activity, I get a headache.

    What does this stuff mean here?

    "The IARU will only coordinate a non-amateur satellite if an administration directs in writing that it be operated in an amateur-satellite band under an experimental or other non-amateur license."


    Between us ... for me "Satellites for which Frequency Coordination has been declined" is nonsense. Coordination is necessary to avoid interference and to have a certain and known contact person who can be contacted immediately in case of interference with other services.

    Coordination is in no case a license that can be granted or refused. Authorizations and licenses are issued by the public administrations of the respective countries.

    If we then look at how many satellites have been granted coordination and which have been refused, the matter becomes more complicated. A never personal estimate leads me to consider that a percentage of 5% of nano-pico satellites are truly amateur. The remaining 95% of these microsatellites have nothing to do with radio amateurs and have also been coordinated.

    If I'm wrong, correct me, insult me as well, but let's not hide behind a finger.

    Hi Peter,

    from what I see the problem of the WB Beacon is solved for the moment. The problem regarding PCR Accuracy Error remains but this does not seem to affect the correct reception of the beacon.

    The most serious error, in my opinion, concerns the accumulating timing errors but this is overcome by the reset programmed every 24 hours.

    Given the conditions, I think the maximum possible has been done ... as always.

    The problem that seemed solved has come back. The WB Beacon is not working properly and it is impossible to receive it correctly.

    It is as if, somehow, the scheduled reset every 24 hours is not working properly.

    With my modest home instruments I see the following errors that do not allow to receive the WB Beacon correctly.

    error 1.4: Continuity_count_error

    error 2.3: PCR_error

    error 2.4: PCR_accuracy_error

    error 3.3: Buffer_error

    Maybe a manual reset could help you buy time?