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    da ich dazu nichts gefunden habe:

    Wie muss das Signal aus dem externen OCXO/GPSDO beschaffen sein? Sprich, welche Spannung Uss, welche Form (Rechteck, Sinus, womöglich Sägezahn, ...)?

    Die Pros mag die Frage erstaunen, aber ich finde unterschiedliche externe Referenzen mit unterschiedlichen Pegeln und würde mir ungerne den Eingang des UpCon6W zerlegen..

    73 de Arne, DL4OCE ..._._


    according to an article in the latest cqDL, we've ordered two LNBs from reichelt. With the cases open, we could see that they don't match the layout from the article, at all :-/

    When powering it up, I cannot measure anything like 5 or 3.3 V, anywhere. Therefore we can see that the power supply is directly connected to the bug saying T101702 03 SD813 (see 2), which makes me think this device is directly powered with something from 12-18 V?! It has also has a connection to both ends of the xtal (3).

    How can we modify this to a TCXO version? How do we get the correct voltage?


    I wonder if anybody has information on how to modify a commercial WiFi booster to stay in transmit mode, continuously, as mentioned but not described here: .

    First reason this might be needed is because otherwise you might not be able to send in SSB, the second reason is that I do not want to harm the up-converter in any way (do these amplify the received signal, as well?).

    EDIT: It seems the modification IS described, indeed. But I'll keep this thread here so we can collect more modifications for other PAs.

    Best 73 de Arne, DL4OCE ...-.-

    Thanks for the good advice on the AMSAT up-converter!

    I'll be happy to find your contributions on the wiki. Tell me if something goes wrong with using the wiki or in case you'd like me to add content that you don't want to add yourself!

    You might ask yourself "How can the community benefit from this?". Well... At a later point, I'll try and export a PDF version of the whole compendium every now and then, so everybody can share the knowledge built-up here.


    don't get me wrong - I like reading through the discussions here and already extracted loads of useful information for my research on components that could be used for QO-100 operation.

    But I'm missing a well-structured outcome like a document or similar that concludes all the things people find out about the components they stumble upon.

    That's why I set-up some wiki pages that may be filled with all the information we know, so far.

    Please find it at and tell me what you think about the idea - or start contributing to the collection, immediately, of course :)

    Best 73 de Arne, DL4OCE ...-.-