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    More dumb questions from me, I am afraid.

    I just had a satellite dish installation engineer visit to look at how we can 'see' QO-100. My problem being a 15m chalk cliff right behind the house with trees on top. This means that I have to elevate the dish above the roofline.

    I want to keep the PE1CMO transverter in the shack and am not going to be able to mount it up in the air and very close to the 1m offset dish (which would be more ideal!)

    I think I will need a 15m run of cable from the dish to the shack. I am going to use an LBC400 cable assembly for the uplink. LBC400 is a little more lossy over 100m than Ecoflex 15 but much, much more affordable and I am able to buy a ready-made assembly in the UK.

    Is this likely to cause me problems? I would think that, with the 20W PA built into the transverter it will not be a problem.

    What about my downlink? What cable should I use and will a 15m run be a problem. I’d think not but need to be sure.

    I would certainly test it here first. I want to test and setup everything that I need because it is totally impossible to buy anything similar in Zim and even harder to get stuff by mail. One has to hand-carry or freight anything needed. It is also a one-way street - easy enough to get stuff in but nigh on impossible to get to out again!

    Thanks for responding!

    I'm planning my second QO-100 station. This will be in Zimbabwe.

    I'm planning to use the DXPATROL Rx kit with a 1m offset dish for the Downlink with that feeding to an RSPPLAY SDR.

    For the Uplink, I'm still deciding on the upconverter - either the BU-500 or the DXPATROL upconverter.

    I was thinking about the Wimo 40 helix pointing directly at the satellite rather than using a dual feed.

    What's the view on this?

    Tnx de G4NRT

    Looking at your photo Wolfgang, did you cut the feed horn off the LNB and then put it back into the case?

    This is my LNB naked:

    I plan to cut where I have drawn the red line. Is that the correct place? I think I may well then put it back into the original plastic case and seal it.

    What do you think? I am sorry for all these dumb questions but this is my first venture in the world of dishes and LNBs!

    73 David G4NRT

    Very happy today ... I received a BIG box from PE1CMO containing my transverter (containing a 20w PA) along with two Meanwell power supplies, one for 12v and the other for 30v to drive the PA. The transverter is a really solid piece of kit and is very weighty with its large heatsink!

    Also in the box was my shiny new PA3FYM dual band feed along with modified SR-320 LNB and two plastic boxes to build it all into. My next step is to figure out how to modify the LNB to fit around the dual band feed. I think that Google will be my friend here!

    I may try using my DJ7GP dual feed first as it can go onto the dish as it is!

    I just wish that work didn't keep intervening in my playing with my new toys!

    David G4NRT

    Are the lectures by Peter and Achim in German? May be a bit of a challenge for those of use who only speak "speisekarte Deutsch!" Nonetheless, I will attend both talks and stay behind afterwards for the meet up!

    By the time of the meeting I will have also have probably become the only amateur in Zimbabwe to operate QO-100. I shall have just returned from setting up my second QO-100 station at my QTH in Harare.

    73, David G4NRT / Z21NRT

    Thank you so much ... Frank and Remco.

    I have ordered what I 'think' is the full Monty from Rene - including the waterproof box.

    I think that the special transverter may have been for Wolfgang HB9RYZ but I am not sure!

    Since the feed and the transverter both use N-type connectors, I will use Ecoflex 15+ and keep the run as short as I can. It all depends on where I have to put the dish in order to 'see' the satellite. It should not have to be more than ten metres I think!

    73 David

    Yes! Great idea! I shall be there along with my friend and fellow satellite enthusiast Rupert G0TKZ. We will be there on Friday and Saturday.

    We are staying at the Holiday Inn and you will see my Discovery Sport in the car park which has my callsign as the registration plate!

    73 David G4NRT.

    I have ordered the simplex version from Rene along with the PA3FYM dual band feed and two power supplies. It is all ready and I expect Rene to ship it this coming week.

    I noticed that Wolfgang HB9RYZ has two versions of his configuration. One is simplex (70cm up and down) and the other one is full duplex with 2m for the uplink and 70cm for the downlink.

    Rene did not recommend this second version to me so I am going with the simplex version all driven buy my sparkling new IC-9700. I have a Leo Bodnar dual GPSDO which will sync it all together.

    I am putting up a 1m offset mesh dish here in the UK as soon as the equipment from Rene arrives.

    I have a couple of questions for the group. How critical is the placement of the all-in-one transverter in respect to the dish? Could I get away with siting it say five or six metres from the dish? The dish will be just outside my shack on the wall (hopefully) and I would prefer to keep the transverter inside the shack rather than in some kind of weather-proof box outside.

    What cable should I use between the PA3FYM dual band feed and the transverter?

    I am going to use a (very short) piece of Ecoflex 15+ between the transverter and rig.

    Thanks and very 73 to everyone! David G4NRT


    Do you have this information in English? I have bought the dual band feed from BaMaTech but the data sheet on their website is only in German.

    Thanks and very 73, David

    Whilst I wait for my 'main station' equipment to arrive from Kuhne and others, I am putting together a second and far simpler station by which to be QRV on QO-100 from Zimbabwe during the latter part of May and early June using my Z21 callsign.

    I have ordered a BU-500 up converter from Calvin and it is on the way to me from Austria. I need to use an attenuator with it and Darko suggested a Chinese one from eBay having 30db attenuation at 20w. There is SO MUCH choice on eBay that I am looking for suggestions as to which one to order.

    I also have some equipment on the way from DX Patrol th cover the downlink side of things and will be using an SDRPlay RSP1 on that side.

    Thanks in advance and very 73,

    David G4NRT / Z21NRT

    I am also planning the same setup - thank you Wolfgang for answering my emails!

    I am waiting for Kuhne to provide shipping details for the B model Up-Converter and also for the Down Converter. I have also ordered the DJ7GP dual feed - again thanks to Wolfgang.

    Exciting times - I remember attending the AMSAT-DL presentation at Friedrichshafen in 2016 (I think). Amazing how well this project has come to fruition!

    David G4NRT / Z21NRT